The lack  of separation between mind and body should be obvious to us all. But for some reason, many people separate the two. Your brain  is a physical thing, comprised of cells structures and chemical/electromagnetic  activity;  just  like most of the rest of your body.

We all  know that  when we are emotionally excited, (our thoughts are the causation for our emotional  states), our body  changes ( heart-beat quickens, hormone  rates change, sexual organs change, perspiration rates increase etc etc). And we know that  when we are physically energised or tired, our thoughts are likewise influenced. Mind and body  are inextricably entwined, and also  one and the same thing.

Much  Indian  and Chinese philosophy has long recognized those interrelationships. The Indian practices of  the various forms of yoga and  the Chinese practices of the martial  arts, Chi Gong and Tai Chi  are all  examples of mechanisms  that promote calmness and centering through  focussed bodily movement.

Combining your meditation practice with   body  movement practices can not only be    physically healthy , but can also, over time, improve your capacity  to focus your mind and  develop your sense of calmness and “centredness”.

As with any physical  activity, practicing moderation with mindfulness will  ensure you do not overdo things,  and damage muscles or bones!




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