Fast Like a Girl Summit

Fast Like a Girl Summit

Fast Like a Girl Summit


The Fast Like a Girl Summit, hosted by the visionary Kashif Khan, CEO of The DNA Company, and the empowering Dr. Mindy Pelz, Author of Fast Like A Girl, a Wall Street Journal Best Seller, is here to guide you. This life-changing virtual summit is where cutting-edge science meets heart-centered healing. Discover the specific benefits of fasting to balance your hormones and effortlessly lead the unique lifestyle your genetics want you to have.

Have you ever felt like your body is holding you hostage; as if the constant fatigue, anxiety, memory loss, and hormonal fluctuations are drowning out the real you; or is menopause messing with your memory? 

Imagine if you could finally break free from the chains of hormonal imbalances and step into a world where you’re vibrant, full of energy, and in tune with your body.


Our bodies are miraculous; they have an innate ability to heal and thrive if we just listen to their rhythms.

Why the Fast Like a Girl Summit?

???? Learn from 40+ leading experts in nutrition, genetics, hormone health, menopause, libido, and fasting, including remarkable names like Dr. Stephanie Estima, James Barry, and more.

???? Understand and combat your pain points like chronic fatigue, memory loss, autoimmune conditions, and hormonal imbalances.

???? Get solutions like improving your gut microbiome, managing hypothyroidism, and understanding toxins affecting your mitochondria.

???? Feel seen and heard. This is a space of empowerment and enlightenment. Know that you are powerful beyond measure.


Meet Your Hosts

???? Kashif Khan is revolutionizing personalized medicine through pioneering insights into the human genome. With studies on the genetics of over 10,000 women, he deeply understands the gray areas where women often feel stuck.

???? Dr. Mindy Pelz is on a mission to ignite a women’s health revolution. With over 25 years of experience working with women 1:1, her signature “5-Step Approach” has empowered hundreds of thousands to harness their body’s own healing abilities.

What’s in Store for You?

Fast Like a Girl

The Fast Like a Girl Summit is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to reclaim your health. Post-summit, expect to:


✅ Achieve your weight loss goals
✅ Repair your gut
✅ Manage chronic inflammation
✅ Improve neurodegenerative diseases
✅ Become unstoppable as you learn to build a fasting lifestyle around your hormonal cycle.

Are you ready to reclaim your power and live the life you were meant to live?


Yours in health,

Paul at

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P.S. You have the power to transform your life. Join hands with experts and like-minded peers to reclaim your health. The Fast Like a Girl Summit is an experience you don’t want to miss. Register for free here and get ready for that journey of self-discovery and empowerment.

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