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 Click HERE to claim Jonathan Otto’s RedLife devices at a massive discount!  But be in Quick!

In case you missed my earlier emails on this…

Jonathan Otto, an acclaimed investigative journalist, and filmmaker very recently hosted his  webinar on the power of Red Light Therapy (RLT) for cancer and other life-threatening diseases.

If you weren’t able to attend the LIVE webinar…Then I have good news for you.

Jonathan has decided to grant you access to watch the recording of his incredible webinar!

There were over 3000 people who attended live… and the positive feedback has been pouring in!

And it will open your eyes to the power of RLT!

Click HERE to watch the recording of Jonathan Otto´s incredible RLT webinar

On top of that…

I want to let you know that Jonathan is offering his  own RLT devices at a special offer!

But you must act fast

Because it expires tonight at 11:59 PM ET!

So many of Jonathan’s incredible community members have claimed their RedLife device at a massive discount…

And the last thing I´d want is for you to miss out!

If you´ve been wanting to claim your own Red Light Therapy (RLT) device…

Then NOW is the time to act…

 Click HERE to claim your RedLife devices at a massive discount!

IMPORTANT: I also wanted to let you know that due to high demand, stocks are running seriously low… So Jonathan may need to close this even before we get to midnight.

If you don’t want to miss this opportunity, make sure to claim your offer before stocks run out or this closes.

Jonathan has done his very best to ensure you can claim one of his RedLife devices…

By making it as cost-friendly and high quality as possible!

He even had a PhD researcher thoroughly compare devices being sold by various competitors, and analyze the quality sold by numerous manufacturers for his RedLife brand to ensure his quality was the best.

Honestly, I have seen extremely low quality RLT devices on the market being sold for $3000+…

This should never be allowed!

But Jonathan truly did his best to research the very best supplier for his RedLife devices…

So that you can get the best… while paying the least.

Many people have asked about his RedLife devices, 

So here’s some important things to note about his RedLife devices:

  • RedLife is Jonathan´s own brand and it’s manufactured by a reputable facility that has been in business for 7 years.
  • The devices are Class II FDA certified
  • Jonathan has a customer support team that can answer all your burning questions regarding our devices and your order.
  • The EMF information for the devices is as follows:

Cap -> 0 UT at surface

Belt -> 0 UT at surface

60W -> 0 UT at surface

500W-> 0.0 µT @ 4”

1500W -> 0.0 µT @ 4”

  • The devices come with eye protection goggles and Jonathan will send you a printed instruction manual with your orders.

Jonathan has personally experienced the life-changing benefits of the protocols he shares with you

And he wants to make it as accessible to use as possible and so that  you too can experience massive health breakthroughs by using the protocols Jonathan shares!

RLT is by far one of the best, affordable treatments you can use.

There´s people like Jonathan´s dear friend, Nataliya Voloshin, who literally spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on treatments…

And she unfortunately still didn’t get results.

But after following Jonathan´s Autoimmune Series Protocol… and all the natural healing protocols I shared…

She completely transformed her health!

In case you need a reminder, here’s how RLT can benefit you:

  • How red light therapy operates at the molecular level, facilitating tissue repair and effectively reducing inflammation to enhance overall well-being.
    • Why we need innovative therapies in cases of treatment-resistant cancers.
  • Explore how red light therapy is emerging as a supportive treatment in oncology that is able to induce photochemical reactions in cells to hinder cancer growth and help in symptom management.
  • The latest research and potential benefits of red light therapy for cancer patients.
  • And SO. Much. More!

To make your offer even more incredible…

Jonathan has decided to not only give you access to claim individual RedLife devices…

But also some value-packed bundles that have everything you would need.

You can also choose the Bundle 3 Comprehensive Package while saving $1,925

PLUS you´ll receive over $4000 in bonus gifts!

This includes:

  • 1x Precision 60W
  • 1x Targeted 500W
  • 1x Full Body 1500W + Stand
  • 1x RedLight Belt
  • 1x RedLight Mask
  • 1x RedLight Cap
  • x1 Portable beauty wand (Yours F.REE!)
  • x1 Facial lifting machine (Yours F.REE!)
  • x1 Infrared knee pad  (Yours F.REE!)
  • x1 Skin lifting and Tightening neck massager (Yours F.REE!)
  • x1 Hand, Palm, Fingers, and Wrist Pain Relief Red Light (Yours F.REE!)
  • 1x Absolute Healing – 12 Episodes Docuseries 

All valued at ​​$5,422.

RedLife BundlesAnd here’s another massive bonus…

Jonathan´s AMAZING Absolute Healing comes along with his incredible 60 Day Protocol Package, which contains some of his most powerful supplements!

He’s ALSO giving you a 3 year warranty…

And ​​60-Day Money Back Guarantee!

Plus, remember that shipping within the USA to all 50 states is completely f.ree. 

For international orders, it’s only $150.

But you need to act soon…

Because after TONIGHT at 11:59 PM ET…(U.S) you won’t be able to claim this offer anymore.

Act now and don’t let this chance slip through your fingers.


Claim Your RedLife Devices Here!

Paul at

(Note that ChangeThatMind is an affiliate of Health Secrets, and thereby receives a payment on any of their products sold through this website)

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