The One Key Shift: Coaching by and for Women

The One Key Shift Ebook

THE ONE KEY SHIFT: How to Unlock Deeper Results in Your Work With Women and Why it’s the KEY to Raising Your Rates, Increasing Your Referrals & Attracting the Clients You Are Most Called to Work With

If you’re like every dedicated coach or practitioner I know, you’ve probably…

✅ Been on a path of personal and spiritual growth for a long time 

✅ Developed heightened empathy and the ability to see the potential in others

✅ Invested in expensive trainings and/or certifications

✅ And spent years developing specific skill to serve others

However, for some reason that you can’t quite identify, you haven’t gotten the results in your work — or the recognition, referrals, and traction that match the value of what you have to offer. 

If so, I’m excited to share something that’s going to help you finally reach your potential as a professional. 

Dr. Claire Zammit shares  how this was her exact experience for over ten years when she first became a coach. 

She struggled to get (and keep) clients for her coaching business, even though she knew she had so much to offer. 

She was even close to giving up and pursuing another career, when she discovered what worked — which she is revealing in her brand-new FREE eBook: 

The One Key Shift EbookWhen Claire made this ONE KEY SHIFT, in a very short period of time thousands of women began to enrol in her coaching programs, and the trajectory of her life and career changed forever. 

Once Claire discovered something was MISSING from her work that prevented her from getting deep, life-changing results with the women she was working with, she made the SHIFT that turned it all around.

Because of this ONE KEY SHIFT: 

  • Her female clients started having monumental breakthroughs from a single session.
  • She began getting dream clients – women who were bright, gifted, and highly motivated, including a rocket scientist, an Academy Award-winning actor, a Supreme Court justice, and a Grammy winner!
  • She no longer questioned her abilities – and it felt like she’d cracked the code that let all her previous training “click,” making exponential breakthroughs for her clients a daily occurrence in her work.
  • Her income doubled, then tripled, and now she’s gone on to generate close to $100 million dollars in her business
  • Her referrals skyrocketed (so she could spend less time marketing and more time doing what she loved).
  • She realized she was contributing to the rise of women into positions of power and ACTIVELY changing the world.

MAKE THE ONE KEY SHIFT and Unlock Stunning Results with Your Female Clients – and Create a Breakthrough in Your Own Confidence, Impact, and Income! 

You’ll also learn the 4 BIG mistakes you’re likely making in your work with women that stunt your results, your revenue, and your referrals. 

In this groundbreaking eBook, you’ll peer directly inside the strategies that have enabled Claire to create an iconic body of work, landed her company on the Inc. 500 list of fastest-growing companies, and secured her spot in Deepak Chopra’s Evolutionary Leaders Forum.

But most importantly, you’ll see how YOU can make the shift in your work that will allow you to confidently raise your rates, increase your referrals, and attract the clients you are most called to work with.

Don’t wait – Download THE ONE KEY SHIFT now and revolutionize your work today!

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