Make a Good Living Regenerating the Earth

Want to make a good living & regenerate the Earth?- then register for  this free online event from the Permaculture Skills Center: The Regenerative Economy Roundtable;  February 12th  2020..  Make a Good Living while Regenerating the Earth. Join Erik Ohlsen … Continue reading

A Life in Many Kingdoms

This is a re-post from  (information only)  For most people who live in big cities ( an ever increasing proportion of the world’s population) the issue of species loss  seems an irrelevance. What does it matter if one … Continue reading

The Productive Gardener: a 1 year eCourse

The Productive Gardener is a full 1 year e-course. It will guide you step by step to plan, build and grow a productive garden in just 3 hours per fortnight! What if there was a way to grow food to … Continue reading