The Dream Manifesto

Can a simple computer program *really* make your dreams come true? What if I told you there was a simple app   that you can install directly onto your Windows or Mac computer  which could work with you EVERY single day, … Continue reading

Program your Mind while you Sleep!: from

Can you IMAGINE if changing your life… … Was as EASY as falling ASLEEP? Turbo-charge your confidence. Lose weight quickly. Rocket your relationships. Become a luckier person. Let go of stress. Be a super-positive thinker. Speed up your brain. Imagine … Continue reading

Mindpower MP3 New Year Sale!

Because it is now 2017 and this year will be Super Mind Music’s 7th Birthday, all the albums at the Mind Power Mp3 site have now been reduced to just $14.95 $7 …and you can get up to 12 albums … Continue reading



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