The Neuroscience Training Summit 2017: Bonus Package from SoundsTrue

If you’re  registered for SoundsTrue’s  Free Neuroscience Summit, which  begins on March  20th 2017,  then Sounds True also  want you to  know about  their summit bonus package which is available now for the early-bird price of just $297.

Here’s everything you’ll receive:

 Over 30 hours of recorded sessions

 Downloadable transcripts

 More than 30 special bonuses, ranging from scholarly articles to immediately applicable

audio practices

 Lifetime access to the entire summit

AND as an additional bonus for purchasing the upgrade, you will receive the full Choose to
Change: Six Weeks to Take Charge of Your Habits, Goals, and Emotional Patterns course with

Kelly McGonigal—a $47 value!

We look forward to experiencing this life-changing summit together with you.


Paul  at

P.S. Sounds True unconditionally guarantees your satisfaction with all products for one year. If
you’re not satisfied with the upgrade package for any reason during that time, you can return it for a full refund.

Blessed by Grandmother’s Wisdom with Grandmother Flordemayo: Mayan Wisdom FREE from the ShiftNetwork

At this moment, an unprecedented shift in human consciousness is bridging together many worlds and cultures.

And the Spirit of the Feminine, what Mayan teachings call “I’x” (pronounced ish), is at the heart of it. Indigenous wisdom can empower you to deepen your relationship with this sacred energy, helping accelerate this shift for your own and the world’s healing and wholeness.

One of our most beloved teachers of this profound wisdom is Grandmother Flordemayo, a member of the International Council of 13 Indigenous Grandmothers, who offers a humble, earthy universal wisdom lightened by laughter.

The Council’s very formation was predicted by prophecies. These remarkable Elders are committed to bridging the ancient and modern worlds and weaving the human family together again.

So I’m thrilled to share with you that this Wednesday, March 22, Grandmother Flordemayo will present Blessed by Grandmother’s Wisdom: Sacred Prayer & Opening to the Mayan I’x — the Spirit of the Feminine.

Register here for this FREE virtual event

During this beautiful wisdom circle, you’ll:

Embrace your being as both celestial and terrestrial in origin
Renew your vows with the Creator (perhaps discovering them for the first time)
Participate in a prayer ceremony that amplifies the healing power of I’x
Discover how you can be a channel for this healing in your own communities

I’x connects you with the creative forces of the universe and empowers you to raise your consciousness in a way that’s both potent and feminine.

I’x also strengthens our integral connection with nature and each other, helping restore balance to Mother Earth and all of her children…

If you’d like to enter a sacred circle to receive ancient wisdom, powerful prayer lineages and healing practices from a wise and beloved member of the 13 Indigenous Grandmothers, I can’t recommend this call highly enough…

Click here for details and to register (it’s FREE)

P.S. Don’t miss this opportunity to join a moving virtual circle that connects you with one of our world’s most respected Indigenous Elders, Grandmother Flordemayo.

Register here for this FREE online event

A downloadable recording will be provided later to all who register, whether or not you listen to the scheduled event.

Relaxing Into Aging with Ram Dass: FREE from the ShiftNetwork

So much of Western culture views our older years as a time of physical diminishment and waning contribution. Yet these years can actually be the most spiritually meaningful time of your life!

There is no wiser guide for turning the challenges of aging into a spiritual opportunity than beloved teacher Ram Dass!

I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to invite you to a FREE virtual event, happening March 18, with one of the preeminent spiritual teachers of our time:

Relaxing Into Aging: How to Befriend the Changes With Humor, Grace and Lightness of Being

Find out more and reserve your free seat here

Who better to guide us into a new relationship with growing older than a man who, after his stroke in 1997, faced partial paralysis, aphasia and a host of physical challenges — including chronic pain and all manner of inconveniences. Yet, he considers the stroke an act of “fierce grace” that propelled him to a higher level of spiritual growth.

During this special online event with Ram Dass, you’ll:

  • Discover how to make friends with changes that occur as you age — even the most challenging ones!
  • Understand how to release unnecessary suffering by becoming more mindful… even when that seems like an impossible choice
  • Shift the way you relate to the inevitability of death
    Open to a deeper experience connecting to the universality of the changes you are going through

You CAN make your current and future decades a journey of liberation, laughter and lightness of being! Ram Dass will demonstrate for you how to embrace it all as “fierce grace.”

Honestly, I don’t believe there’s anyone better equipped to guide you in your aging journey than Ram Dass, who lives with an effervescent grace, love and beauty.

You can RSVP for free here

P.S. Don’t miss Relaxing Into Aging: How to Befriend the Changes With Humor, Grace and Lightness of Being, featuring preeminent spiritual teacher Ram Dass. This is your chance to receive liberating insights that will open you to a journey of aging that is spiritually fulfilling, joy-filled and infused with love!

A downloadable recording will be provided later to all who register, whether or not you listen to the scheduled event.


Get your ‘Conscious Lifestyle’ magazine subscription! FREE 14 day Trial

Subscribe  to a  Free 14-Day Trial of  Conscious Lifestyle Magazine

ConsciousLifestyle believe that you must be the change you wish to see in the world…

That to change the world the for the better, you must first change yourself for the better…
And that this is the key to overcoming humanities biggest challenges and ushering in a new era of consciousness, awareness, compassion and prosperity for all life.

And so Conscious Lifestyle Magazine is designed to give you powerful, practical tools, techniques, wisdom and inspiration for creating radiant happiness, health and healing… for experiencing abundance, prosperity, freedom, peace and flow in your life… so that you can play your essential part in this shift, and together we can change the world for the better, one heart and mind at a time.

We offer a platform for the world’s leading conscious thinkers, philosophers and leaders to share their knowledge, wisdom and passion with a hungry global community who wishes to create a positive now and future.

The stories and insights we share are at once fascinating and entertaining, but also deeply meaningful catalysts for positive personal and societal change. It is our mission to help individuals bring consciousness into their lives at every level — through the mind, body and spirit—and into the world around them—through humanitarianism, ecological awareness, and intercultural travel.

Sign  up  for your free 14 day  trial  here!

Pema Chödrön’s Living with Vulnerability online course is now open: from SoundsTrue



In times like these, we can find ourselves struggling daily with many emotions—at work, with our families and friends, and with our hopes and fears for the future. And often our most challenging encounters are those we have with ourselves.

In her new online course, Buddhist teacher Pema Chödrön offers a solution: cultivating a practice of openness—with ourselves, the people we love, and the world around us.

This is what Pema hopes to help you achieve in her new course, Living With Vulnerability: A Training in Making Friends with Your Mind 

Inside this step-by-step journey (featuring teaching from Pema, as well as guided meditations from her senior student Tim Olmsted), you’ll discover:

  • How to embrace the full spectrum of emotions with warmth and kindness
  • Ways to release your fear of vulnerability so you can stop bottling up your emotions and live peacefully in the present
  • Why your private biases (about yourself and others) no longer serve you, and how to see even your most difficult relationships in a brighter, more loving light
  • How to love and befriend yourself more and more each day


Paul  at

P.S. The course also comes with a wealth of guided meditation trainings, perfect for every level. Explore the beauty of your own vulnerability.

The Neuroscience Training Summit 2017: FREE from SoundsTrue

In recent years, the field of neuroscience has seen a dramatic infusion of significant new
research and important breakthroughs. With that flood of insights, revelations, and exciting
theories in mind, Sounds True is hosting their second annual online training summit with top leaders in the field of neuroscience.
The Neuroscience Training Summit 2017: How to Change Your Brain for Personal Healing,
Better Relationships, and Spiritual Awakening begins on March 20, 2017. You can register with
your email address for the summit at no cost!
March 20–29, 2017
And just for signing up, you’ll receive as a gift “Five Life-Enhancing Insights from Neuroscience,”
a report by Michael Taft that introduces readers to some of the most fascinating and important
neuroscientific discoveries of the last few years.
The summit features 21 of today’s leading authorities in neuroscience and related fields. Here is
just a fraction of the exciting lineup of presenters and their training topics:
1. Dan Siegel, MD—“Mind: A Journey to the Heart of Being Human”
2. Daniel Amen, MD—“The Brain Warrior’s Way”
3. Kelly McGonigal, PhD—”The Neuroscience of Change”
4. Lisa Wimberger, MEd—”Using Neuroscience to Find Healing and Happiness”
5. Rick Hanson, PhD—“The ‘Green Zone’ Brain”
If you experienced the 2016 edition of The Neuroscience Training Summit or any of Sounds
True’s other online summits, you know that these will be more than just dry, static lectures. If
not, get ready for an extraordinary week of dynamic presentations, cutting-edge insights, lively
Q&A sessions, and the opportunity to learn the latest neuroscience alongside a global
community of engaged seekers.



Paul  at
P.S. If you’re interested in lifetime access to the summit—which includes more than 30 hours of
training, written transcripts, additional presenter bonuses, and the Choose to Change online
It comeswith an unconditional, one-year satisfaction guarante

Kundalini Chakra: 7 Healing & Tuning Downloads FREE!

Get 7 FULL Mind Sync Chakra Healing & Tuning Downloads – No Charge from this link

Each chakra has an associated colour and vibration. We have synthesized each chakra vibration in the laboratory and recorded them.

Each time you listen to the specific chakra vibration – that chakra is stimulated.

The chakra frequencies will very quickly set up a dominant harmonic in the brains electrical activity spectrum (it does it more quickly than many of our other products as no induction period is needed – this has another big advantage which I will explain later).

The chakra will then start to resonate in harmony with the dominant frequency in the brain. This stimulation will clear any blockages in that particular chakra allowing energy to flow more easily through the energy pathways.

Download Free..   Click here!

Muladhara – Root Chakra

Swadhistana – Sacral Chakra

Manipura – Solar Plexus Chakra

Anahata – Heart Chakra

Vishuddhi – Throat Chakra

Ajna – Third Eye Chakra

Sahasrara – Crown Chakra

After 10 minutes the frequencies change and we set up a new dominant electricial frequency in the brain. This stimulates the next chakra in the same way as the first.

We repeat this process for all 7 chakra; working, in sequence, from root to crown.

Now getting back to that big advantage !!!

You can use the chakra frequency set whilst you are doing other things ( reading, studying, working out, watching tv,etc,etc) because the chakras are indirectly stimulated by frequencies in the beta ( normal alert and awake state) range; so there is no need for quietness or meditative states to get the best out of this.

Get your FREE gift here

A free video on “Living with Vulnerability”’ from Pema Chödrön at SoundsTrue


Underneath our bias and perspective in any moment is a wild, open expanse. Renowned meditation teacher Pema Chödrön has a unique gift for pointing this out, as you’ll see in this free video on this topic here

This mini-training featuring the great Buddhist teacher is an extraordinary look at what it truly means to create more openness in every day and why being open is the key to more happiness, peace, and friendliness with yourself and everyone around you.

It is my honor to share this with you at a time when it is so imperative that we learn to see ourselves and each other in our full humanness, without prejudice and with a warm and open heart.

With gratitude,

Paul  at

P.S. What do openness and tripping over your own feet have in common? Watch the video and Pema will show you the practice of living with vulnerability.

New launch: Mind Sync 3D : Guaranteed Altered States of Consciousness: 3 downloads for the price of 1!

Mind Sync 3D is a brand new technique of brainwave entrainment. It combines the amazing effects of binaural beats, monochronic beats and isochronic beats.

Further to this, it combines the frequencies in such a way that the brain cannot resist the entrainment and will lock into the altered consciousness state very quickly and without distraction. The combinations of different frequencies and intensity and timing of the binaural, isochronic and monaural effects has been optimized over many years of experimentation in the Mind Sync laboratories.

The programs are effective with or without the use of headphones.

The Mind Sync 3D compositions are even effective while you are asleep, quietly in the background while watching TV or when working out in the gym.

All you need to do is play the specially coded music on your mp3 player or other music device and listen…..that’s it …. it really is that simple … could be getting the benefits in minutes.

All the products are available immediately.

Get 3 downloads for the price of 1 from this link.

Check out all the details Here

Titles include:

Astral projection
Alpha Meditation
Become Psychic
Brain Orgasm
Chi Power
Delta Meditation
Endorphin Release
Epsilon Meditation
HGH Stim
Hypnotic Induction
Improve Memory
Increase IQ
Instant Meditation
Jet Lag
Lucid Dreaming
Magickal Focus
Mood Elevator
Om Harmonic
Out of Body Experience
Past Life Regression
Power Nap
Remote Viewing
Sleep Reducer
3D Solfeggio
Speed Learning
Stress Manager
Theta Meditation

Click here!!

Here’s To Your Success,
Paul  at


3 Enneagram Paths to the Sacred: a FREE workshop with Jessica Dibb, from the Shift Network

3 Enneagram Paths to the Sacred and Activate the Transformative Power of Your Type

The Enneagram is far more than a personality typing system…

It’s a tool for emotional and spiritual healing and transformation, illuminating your unique connection with the sacred so you can integrate all parts of you into a whole, fully expressed human being.

And there’s no one better to guide you in essential practices which activate the transformative power of the Enneagram than Jessica Dibb.

On Saturday, March 11, this respected consciousness expert, breathwork trainer and Enneagram “depth teacher” is presenting a FREE event hosted by the Shift Network: Three Enneagram Paths to the Sacred: Opening to the Power of Your Relationships, Shadows & Gifts.

Find out more and reserve your place for this event here:

In Three Enneagram Paths to the Sacred, you’ll learn how psychological, spiritual and embodiment practices can help liberate you from the limitations of your “type” and infuse your daily life with  love, wisdom and presence.

During this complimentary virtual event, you’ll discover:

  • The #1 key to the liberation of your own type (Hint: it has to do with the other 8 perspectives!)
  • How your ego can co-opt your type’s deepest gifts and what to do about it
  • The ways you can use the Enneagram to dissolve long-standing defenses that no longer serve you
  • How to appreciate your type’s unique gift of love
  • How your Enneagram type influences your relationship to the Sacred… and how to use the gifts of other types to deepen your spiritual connection

Applying a sacred lens to the  Enneagram, you can overcome fears, become aware of blind spots, and awaken untapped dimensions of your being… leading to more power, wholeness and joy!  

We hope you’ll join us for this illuminating hour-long free event! 

Paul  at

P.S. When you register for Three Enneagram Paths to the Sacred — featuring renowned teacher Jessica Dibb — you’ll also receive the audio recording of the event.

Summon your Warrior Goddess: a FREE workshop by HeatherAsh Amara from the ShiftNetwork

Calling All Warrior Goddesses (and those who want to be!)

What if you could summon the fiery, truth-telling, wild and free part of you — whenever you really needed her?

And what if doing so helped you more fully access your vulnerable, creative and passionate sides?

The truth is that when you reawaken your “Warrior Goddess,” you access the part of you that is free, powerful, and radically authentic.

If you’re ready to activate these qualities and free up energy currently held hostage by the past, then I’m delighted to invite you to a FREE virtual event with bestselling author, HeatherAsh Amara: Summon Your Warrior Goddess: Activate Your Strength & Vulnerability to Release Your Past & Come Home to Yourself.

Learn more and reserve your free seat here

Direct, honest and unapologetically real, HeatherAsh will show you how to release layers of expectations so you can have the courage to be audaciously YOU and recognize that you ARE enough.

During this liberating hour you’ll:

  • Recognize strength and vulnerability as two sides of the same coin, embracing each equally
  • Understand how shamanic tools can help you release your past and recapture your energy
  • Learn how to stop abandoning yourself through a simple movement and breath practice that can get you back into the moment

If reclamation of your primal power feels important to you — especially during these increasingly fractious times — you’ll love HeatherAsh’s virtual event.

She merges wisdom from ancient shamanic and priestess lineages with modern psychology and some practical straight talk!

You can RSVP for free here

Paul at

P.S. Don’t miss your chance to experience HeatherAsh’s work as she helps you embrace the full spectrum of your power, so you’re freer to be yourself.

Embracing ALL of yourself, in all your glory (and imperfections), is not only the greatest gift you can give yourself, but the best gift you can give to your family and the world.

A downloadable recording will be provided later to all who register, whether or not you listen to the scheduled event.

The Science of Medical Intuition; Self-Diagnosis & Healing with Your Body’s Energy Systems: from SoundsTrue

Welcome to The Science of Medical Intuition training program.

Do you ever stop to consider what your intention is telling you about your health in any moment?

Have you ever wanted a deeper sense of the influences within you that create your physical and spiritual well-being?

In the emerging field of energy medicine, ordinary people with no prior training are learning how to tap into the power of their own intuition to:

  • Perceive when and how people around us are affecting our bodies
  • Identify where toxic memories are residing within our cellular structures
  • Use the divine power of creation that holds the key to our physical, mental, and spiritual health

This program represents both the foundation for personal insight—a toolbox for your own daily health evaluation—and the basis for understanding people and the world we share at the highest possible level.

Medical intuition is not a gift.
It’s a skill.—Caroline Myss 

Through this course, you will begin to discover the foundations of your intuitive skill and learn to cooperate with (instead of resist) your intuitive feedback mechanism.

You will also develop an intuitive rapport not just with your body, but with your entire life as you work with archetypes, imagery, and symbols—the language of the psyche.

The truth is all great physicians, all great diagnosticians, and all great psychotherapists are highly intuitive. We are pleased to offer you this course and look forward to working with you as you develop your own intuitive power.

As you will soon see, intuition is an innate capability, specific for each individual, which serves as a guide, counselor, and informer. It is an abstract quality of mind programmed from a higher level of consciousness. It is a segment of a universal mind from which all knowing and physical manifestations are derived.

Each and all of our bodily cells and systems respond to this direction with intelligence. Just as in developing any skill, daily practice and training are needed to work with this intelligence and master the tools of medical intuition.

We invite you to come with us on this powerful inner exploration and training!

Join us today,

Caroline Myss  & Dr. Norm Shealy; courtesy  of SoundsTrue

The Power of Evolutionary Love-Andrew Harvey & Chris Saade: FREE from the ShiftNetwork

February is the month when we celebrate love…

And while Valentine’s Day focuses on romantic love, I’d like to invite you to a powerful free event where you can discover something bigger than mere romance.

Evolutionary Love is a “next level” of loving connection that can bring magic into your days and fill your life with passion, creativity, joy and purpose.

Evolutionary Love can emerge with your primary intimate partner but also include your heart-friends, spiritual allies and collaborators in a larger mission.

Accessing this more expansive and empowering kind of love, which is consecrated to a larger mission, helps you and your partner, heart-friend –– or whomever you’re bonding with –– to help each other to become more fully yourselves, discover higher dimensions of your being, and fuel your greatest acts of creativity, activism and service.

It’s love that truly fulfills your soul.

On Saturday, February 25, two renowned spiritual teachers, Andrew Harvey and Chris Saade, who have just written an exciting new book on this subject, will present The Power of Evolutionary Love: 3 Keys to Infuse Your Relationships With Authenticity, Passion & Sacred Purpose.

Register now for free here

During this illuminating hour with Andrew and Chris, you’ll learn how to start this process with someone close to you by discovering:

  • How to use your relationship to unlock your unique authenticity and that of your partner by seeing and honoring each other’s odd little idiosyncrasies as sacred gifts
  • The #1 secret to not only sustain passion in your relationship but deepen it more than ever
  • How to consecrate your relationship towards collective service and acts of solidarity, which bring more power and fulfillment, as well as deeper love

If you’re ready to discover how Evolutionary Love can be the gateway into your greatest fulfillment and deepest blessings, you’ll receive great value from this sacred hour with two renowned mystic scholars!

Register here

Paul at ChangeThatMind

P.S. During The Power of Evolutionary Love, Andrew Harvey and Chris Saade will show you how Evolutionary Love can liberate your creative genius and spiritual power so you can heal despair, rediscover your joy, and manifest the creative gifts within you.

In their brand new book, Evolutionary Love Relationships: Passion, Authenticity, and Activism, which was released on Valentine’s Day, Andrew and Chris call us to the next paradigm in human relations: love connections that are solidly grounded in individual authenticity, and passionately focused on service and solidarity.

Rather than limiting their gaze to each other, partners are invited to take their focus outward, channeling their energies toward those causes that both unite them and transform the world we live in. With love as the fuel for inspired action, the relationship then becomes an homage to sacred purpose, finding its deeper meaning in its efforts to positively influence the planet.

Register now for their free event!

A downloadable recording will be provided later to all who register, whether or not you listen to the scheduled event.

The Secrets to Deeper Meditation Practice; FREE with Richard Miller from the ShiftNetwork

Science has unequivocally confirmed it: a consistent daily meditation practice leads to better results for body, mind and soul.

Meditation can lower your stress (especially during these times of increased tension), enhance your can-do capacity, improve your sleep, make you mentally sharper, ease negative emotions, and enhance positive ones… it can even optimize your work performance!

So the question isn’t IF you should meditate, but rather HOW. There are so many choices when it comes to choosing a practice. How are you to know which is the best one for you?

Good news! On Saturday, February 18, yogic scholar and spiritual teacher Richard Miller will present a free online event, Navigating Uncertain Times With Yogic Meditation: Foundational Practices for True Resilience, Wholeness & Wellbeing.

You won’t want to miss this opportunity for Richard to support you in fine-tuning your meditation practice based on the latest brain science as well as the instructions left to us by ancient seers.

Register for this FREE virtual workshop, here!

This fascinating mini-workshop will give you greater insight into yogic meditation traditions, which differ from the more well-known Buddhist traditions. For example, yogic meditation is particularly effective for accessing higher states of consciousness, including the joy and wellbeing that great yogis say is our birthright.

In this one-hour free event with Richard, you’ll discover:

  • The unique aspects of yogic meditation to help you navigate uncertain times
  • The latest neuroscience research on meditation — what works and why
  • How to establish a practice grounded in resilience, wholeness and joy (yes, joy!)

It’s free to attend, but you must RSVP here

Please join us!

Paul at ChangeThatMind

P.S. Don’t miss your chance to experience Navigating Uncertain Times With Yogic Meditation, where you’ll discover how to establish a far more effective and fulfilling practice of yogic meditation… for FREE! Richard’s methods will help you build a deep inner ground of peace that you can call on as a resource in the midst of difficult circumstances.

Please RSVP to reserve a space on the call

A downloadable recording will be provided later to all who register, whether or not you listen to the scheduled event.


Transform your life through writing with Mark Matousek from the ShiftNetwork

Discover this  powerful practice to boost creativity & shed the past

We all know from personal experience that the tasks we write down get done more consistently than those that don’t, and bigger things such as goals for our lives tend to manifest more easily when we commit to writing them down.

While there is value in all forms of writing, bestselling author, journalist and memoir teacher, Mark Matousek, says a writing practice — when viewed as a vehicle for transformation — can be a powerful spiritual practice that frees you from stuck energies, old ideas, and stagnant visions.

A writing practice, when approached properly, can and should stand side by side with more venerated practices like meditation and prayer as a way to access your depths and accelerate your personal growth.

In fact, Mark believes that there is no more powerful tool to work with your stories, your emotions and your dreams than a truly transformative writing practice.

It’s the reason why so many great pioneers, leaders and inventors have kept a journal: It’s one of THE most powerful ways to access your creativity, your passions and your higher purpose for life, as well as to understand and assimilate lessons from your daily life.

Mark has discovered that by focusing your mind on crystallizing the essence of your feelings, peeling back the layers of truth, and seeking a higher vision, you can create an open channel for your deepest intuition and spiritual wisdom to manifest.

So I’m excited to share with you an invitation to join Mark for a free virtual event Wednesday, February 15, called 4 Essential Steps to Awaken Through Writing: Freeing Your Authentic Self Through Deep Inquiry.

You can register for free right here

Paul at  ChangeThatMind

P.S. Even (and perhaps especially) if you already have a writing practice, you’ll want to join this session because not all writing is transformative. If you aren’t careful, you can end up rehashing your grudges, reinforcing false beliefs, and keeping yourself stuck.

 Register for free right here

A downloadable recording will be provided later to all who register, whether or not you listen to the scheduled event.

A Year of Mindfulness is starting soon—Join Now! from SoundsTrue



In an earlier post from ChangeThatMind you may seen a new  free video from  SoundsTrue, Mindfulness and Challenging Times.”  In these changing times, I hope you found inspiration in these brave voices that have come together, each sharing insights into how we can move forward with wisdom and compassion.

You may have noticed a new membership program mentioned at the end of the video: A Year of Mindfulness: Awaken Presence and Compassion in Every Area of Your Life. 

Over the course of the year, you’ll meet a diverse group of influential mindfulness teachers, including Jon Kabat-Zinn, Tara Brach, Jack Kornfield, Sharon Salzberg, Diane Musho Hamilton, Richard Miller, and many more. Hosting this yearlong program is Kelly Boys, who you met in the free video. Kelly has nearly two decades of experience teaching and practicing mindfulness, and currently consults with the UN Foundation on mindfulness for humanitarian workers.

You’ll also explore a new topic every month—neuroscience, lovingkindness, peak performance, communication, health—so that by the end of the year you’ll have mindfulness skills for every area of your life.

To help you stay on track, we’ll check in each month with a live online session. Each includes new teachings, guided practices, Q&As with master teachers, and small-group breakout sessions.

Together, we’ll create a worldwide community of practitioners through a private Facebook group, giving us encouragement and support in between our live sessions.

Finally, each teacher will also give you extra practice materials—guided meditations, book excerpts, and more. And I’m especially excited to share three very special bonuses with yearlong participants.

Learn more about A Year of Mindfulness here

What we need more than anything is for all of us to wake up and realize our true interconnectedness.

From here, we can begin to initiate the changes we want to see and create the world we want to live in. This is the potential of the mindfulness movement.

I look forward to seeing you for the first live session on February 13.

Paul  at  ChangeThatMind

P.S. When you register, you will get immediate access to the first big bonus gift. Join us now. 



Access Your Intuition at Will: Intuition 2 – A FREE Event by Tim Kelley at the ShiftNetwork

What if receiving higher guidance was something you could count on — like the sun rising in the East?

Most of us get sporadic “hits,” seemingly miraculous occurrences that are all too infrequent.

Yet, access to your intuition can be a regular occurrence. You can even tap your higher guidance on demand, and trust the information you receive!

If a consistently open channel to higher guidance sounds exciting, I’m thrilled to invite you to Tim Kelley’s FREE virtual event called: Intuition 2.0: 5 Steps to Expand Your Guidance & Confidently Fulfill Your Purpose.

You can register for this free virtual event here

During this seminar on Saturday, February 11, Tim will reveal:

  • Three different types of guiding sources that can provide clarity about your path (and which one will work best for you)
  • Two key obstacles that prevent almost all people from having clear access to higher guidance — and how to remove them
  • Four connection methods you can use on your own — and those with the highest rates of success
  • An easy 60-day practice for deepening your connection to your intuition

Tim’s  committed to making the world a better place by helping people directly access their intuition at will. My methods are verifiable, clear and repeatable, and grounded in results.

If you’d like to discover how to open to more consistent guidance so you can live your purpose with grace and walk your path with confidence, I can’t recommend this call highly enough… Click here for details and to register (it’s FREE)

Paul at  ChangeThatMind

P.S. Don’t miss this opportunity to join me to find out how you can develop the skills for connecting with your higher guidance!

Register here for this FREE online event: Intuition 2.0: 5 Steps to Expand Your Guidance & Confidently Fulfill Your Purpose.

“A Year of Mindfulness’: A Powerful New Video from Jon Kabat-Zinn, Tara Brach, & Jack Kornfield at SoundsTrue

The practice of mindfulness connects us with a deeper sense of purpose and joy. We discover how to find peace during difficult times, and we learn to take inspired action from a place of  the heart.

Mindfulness is perhaps the most important skill we can develop today—for our communities, our planet, and ourselves.

Sounds True created the video “Mindfulness and Challenging Times”

to explore the implications of mindfulness in our modern world, asking the question, “How is the mindfulness movement serving humanity at this time?”

Watch this free video here 

In the video, we hear from leading voices in the mindfulness community, including Jon Kabat- Zinn, Tara Brach, and Jack Kornfield, among others. These teachers share deeply personal stories about how their mindfulness practice helped them through some of the most challenging times in their lives.

Through inspiring interviews, we learn how illness, abuse, racism, shame, anger, and other difficulties in our common human experience can be transformed through acceptance and presence.

We also learn that being mindful doesn’t mean that we don’t make changes. Rather, when we accept our present experience, we begin to see with more clarity and compassion. We are then able to take more effective action in service of ourselves, others, and our world.

I hope you’ll take the time to enjoy this powerful free video now.

Paul  at ChangeThatMind


P.S. This video is a free introduction to the groundbreaking new membership program from Sounds True,

A Year of Mindfulness: Awaken Presence and Compassion in Every Area of Your Life. Learn more here

Become a Shamanic Navigator of Light: FREE from the ShiftNetwork with Hank Wesselman

What soul contracts have you made?

What if you could…

  • Discover time-tested shamanic journeying practices
  • Journey to see how your soul designed your current life
  • Find out what contracts you’ve made, and who’s in your “soul pod!”

Good news… these are real possibilities!

Bestselling author Hank Wesselman’s teachings can open these new portals for exploring and manifesting your soul’s potential.

Hank has spent 28 years melding shamanic principles and honing practices of shamanism with anthropology — and on Saturday, February 4, he’ll join us to present, Become a Shamanic Navigator of Light: Exploring Bardos, Cosmic Contracts & Soul Pods.

You can register for this free virtual event here

During this online event with Hank, you’ll:

  • Discover how to enter the timeless “bardo” realms to help you shed karmic burdens
  • Understand your life lessons from the perspective of cosmic contracts
  • Find out how to journey with your guide to the “gathering of oversouls” to find your homebase and connect with your soul pod

Wow. This is your chance to begin making contact with your highest Self and explore “the laying down of tracks” for your current incarnation. Expect a fascinating hour filled with possibilities for your healing and spiritual growth. Hank is simply brilliant!

Paul at  ChangeThatMind

P.S. Hank wrote the critically acclaimed Spiritwalker trilogy and The Bowl of Light, as well as Awakening to the Spirit World with Sandra Ingerman. Don’t miss this opportunity to hear him share practices and principles for accessing clarity and wisdom in other realms that can align your life with the design of your soul!

Register here for this FREE online event: Become a Shamanic Navigator of Light: Exploring Bardos, Cosmic Contracts & Soul Pods.

A downloadable recording will be provided later to all who register, whether or not you listen to the scheduled event.