Marjory Wildcrafts Home Medicine Summit 2019

Marjory Wildrcrafts Home Medicine Summit 2019

Marjory Wildcrafts Home Medicine Summit 2019 is now open for registration (and FREE tickets available)

Imagine Knowing How To Use Plant Medicines So You Too Can Care For 90% Of Common Ailments.

Your FREE TICKET entitles you to 24/7 access to the full 7 days of expert presentations.

Marjory Wildcraft has gathered 38 experts for her Home Medicine Summit 2019 that promise to set you free of drugstores by showing you how to be NATURALLY HEALTHY when you make your own medicine.

The speaker lineup includes big names like: Rosemary Gladstar, Rosalee de la Foret, Donna Gates, Ananta Ripa Ajmera, Bevin Clare, Sajah Popham and Kami McBride, just to name a few!

If this will be your first time attending an online summit, you should know it’s a 100% online event that’s FREE for you to attend!

It kicks off Monday, October 14th. It will run 24 hours a day for 7 full days with 2 encore days.

Register HERE for Marjory's Home Medicine Summit

There will be over 45 hours of video presentations for you to enjoy

Here’s Just A Small Sample Of The Practical Skills & Knowledge You Can Expect To Gain During This Exciting FREE Global Event:

  • Why herbs that are grown Biodynamically yield the most potent medicinal herbs.
  • The link between your gut microbiome and your sleep + the best herbs for better sleep.
  • 7 Tips for staying healthy while traveling, and the herbs you need if you do get sick on the road.
  • How to make the most effective cannabis medicines in your own kitchen.
  • 5 Uses Of Elderberry – Go beyond syrups and discover its 15,000-year history.
  • Learn how to translate human herb dosages to treat pets, and what you must have in your pet’s first aid kit.
  • Strategic formulation skills so you know what herbs to (and not to) combine.
  • Recipes for DIY lotions, creams, and face serums to make from your own infused oils.
  • A chocolate herbal recipe for supporting libido, longevity, and stamina.
  • Why everyone needs to detox (yes, even you!)
  • 9 Common Weeds: How to identify, harvest, and use them for powerful medicine.
  • 50 Effective herbs (with dosages and preparations) for addressing fatigue.
  • Why you are not WHAT you eat, but HOW you eat.
  • And so much more!

This event takes place 100% online, so you can watch it all from home…

And, it’s completely free for you to attend…

You MUST register + reserve your seat here!

Only registered attendees will get the complete schedule, with instructions for watching!

Paul  at

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P.S. Marjory IS  going to make recordings of the entire event available for purchase (audios, videos and transcripts) for those who can’t attend the free event. If you have schedule conflicts, you can grab the recordings and watch it on your own schedule!

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What if the power to heal was all around you in the natural world?

Since the dawn of humanity, people from across the globe have used what was in “nature’s pharmacy” to heal themselves — botanical treatments, healing tinctures and medicinal remedies from the herbs, flowers and flora that surrounded them.

While the advances of modern medicine are miraculous, as we’ve pursued the newest frontiers of science, we’ve too often lost touch with our biological and spiritual connection to nature… and the healing power that comes through our plant allies.

This is why I’m passionate about inviting you to join me for The Plant Medicine Summit, where you’ll discover how plants can purify, rejuvenate and evolve us, as well as sharpen our minds, extend our lives and deepen our connection with this blessed planet.

This special gathering will feature 25+ leading ecological experts, health practitioners and inspiring educators — including people like David Crow, Dr. Vasant Lad, Dr. Jill Stansbury, David Winston, Sara Crow, Lakisha Jenkins, Matthew Wood, KP Khalsa, Acharya Shunya and others.

They’re sharing with you practices and insights for working with medicinal herbs, flowers, mushrooms, aromatic ceremonial plants and essential oils to revitalize your health, your community and our planet.

I hope you’ll participate in this special online gathering presented by The Shift Network.

RSVP here for The Plant Medicine Summit — at no charge: 

During this inspiring 5-day summit, you’ll discover:

  • A classic approach to re-establishing our eternal connection with Mother Nature
  • Powerful ways you can transform your garden into a “home pharmacy”
  • How to increase your immunity, increase energy levels and decrease brain fog with herbal remedies & superfoods
  • Insights for creating a local garden as a foundation for community healthcare & strengthening collaborative action in your area
  • A new understanding of digestive distress & how to treat the root causes with herbal remedies

And much more!

The Plant Medicine Summit will benefit anyone who is intrigued by the healing and evolutionary benefits of botanical medicine as well as professionals across multiple disciplines who work with herbs, plants, oils, energetics or the environment.

Whether you’re experimenting with herbal gardening, supplementing your diet, seeking to treat a disease, or looking for tips on working with clients, you’ll find eye-opening sessions that will inspire, educate and empower you.

Join a vibrant global community and an amazing panel of presenters to discover the curative and evolutionary powers of medicinal plants — many of which you can grow in your own garden or pick up in your neighborhood!

RSVP here for The Plant Medicine Summit — at no charge

Paul at

P.S. Here’s what a few previous participants of The Plant Medicine Summit had to share:

The Plant Medicine Summit was wonderfully informative, valuable and interesting. Each speaker was amazingly knowledgeable, credible and gave volumes of valuable, important, relevant information on their subject. I learned so much from each one.
— Donna

This is an amazing group of very knowledgeable and interesting presenters. I found that even though I have been an herbalist for over 40 years that I learned something from each and every one of these individuals. Blessings to all.
— Dixie

I am an experienced plant person and herbal practitioner, yet in every conversation there was some new twist, insight or nuisance than sparked my curiosity to go even deeper into plant magic and connect the dots to that which I have learned.
— Susie

David Crow was a fantastic interviewer–he really knows how to pull the good stuff out of the presenters! I really enjoyed listening.
— Anonymous

It was fabulous to hear the well thought out questions posed, and the educated and experienced but accessible solutions, concerning some serious issues associated with aging.
— Karen

RSVP here for The Plant Medicine Summit — at no charge