Is your brain wired for negative thinking?: learn more from Nick Ortner and EFT tapping

A lot of people really beat themselves up over “negative thinking.” It is of course true that in order to create the life we want today, changing our thinking to be more positive is extremely important and effective for reaching … Continue reading

Are you a Woman over 50? Discover new goddess energies within!: FREE from the ShiftNetwork

Attend Jean Shinoda Bolen’s FREE virtual workshop… If you’re fast approaching or already on the other side of 50, it’s time to claim your full power and allow your truest self to emerge –– to FINALLY rejoice in who you’ve … Continue reading

Leading Edge of Pyschotherapy-Free from Sounds True

Sounds True  are just one day away from their first Psychotherapy Masterclass of the year on The Myth of Self-Regulation: How Our Inner Community Supports Us Every Day featuring Bonnie Badenoch, PhD, LMFT. Register for both free Psychotherapy Masterclasses. In this … Continue reading

Turning Anguish into Opportunity with Andrew Harvey: FREE from the ShiftNetwork

Are you committed to birthing a new era but feeling grief, shock… even anguish over recent collective developments, especially given the many crises we face? I understand it’s very tempting right now to curl up into a ball and hide, … Continue reading

Powerful Magic for Dangerous Times with Caroline Casey: FREE from the ShiftNetwork

  Invite the “Trickster” in to work its magic in your life 🙂 Are you ready to leave behind the personal and collective challenges of 2016 so that you can create a more sizzling and liberated 2017? If you feel you’ve endured … Continue reading

The Next Evolutionary Step In YOUR Feminine Leadership: from the ShiftNetwork

Join The Feminine Wake-up Call WEDNESDAY! Are you feeling called to play a bigger role — in your work and the world — as a conscious, feminine leader? Are you seeking to unleash your full purpose, power and potential… in … Continue reading

Discovering the 9 Deeper Qualities of Your Heart: The Enneagram of the Virtues: from the ShiftNetwork

Discover the Enneagram of the Virtues  and Cultivate the strength & fullness of YOUR heart Are you a student of the Enneagram, curious about the more advanced teachings? Do you want to use the Enneagram in a way that helps you … Continue reading

“Sleepy and cosy”- FREE hypnosis sleep inducing audio from ChangeThatMind

Subscibe to Changethatmind  to get  the latest  information on  personal development media and  technology and listen  and/or download for free,  the latest  audible or the silent subliminal  version of thiese new tracks from  ChangeThatMind.

Healing from Abuse: Price Discounted Album by Inner Talk

Abuse (Healing from Abuse) ~ Album Was $251.55 (U.S.) ,  now $ 149.00 Healing from Abuse — Abuse comes in many forms. Sometimes it’s physical and sometimes it’s verbal; sometimes it’s inflicted upon us and sometimes we inflict it upon … Continue reading

The Life-Changing Power of Awareness with Jeffrey Allen: FREE from Mindvalley

New training from Mindvalley’s highest rated spiritual teacher Your life’s awareness problem – solved How to feel real in the energy world The life-changing power of awareness Experience energy awareness like never before As you probably know, our world consists … Continue reading

Nonviolent Communication: from Sounds True

Sounds True announce the opening of the definitive online course in Nonviolent Communication, presented by Dr. Marshall Rosenberg. You can learn more about The Nonviolent Communication Online Training Course and enjoy a third teaching with Dr. Rosenberg here. It is not … Continue reading

What the Bleep is Going on?- Stay Centered & Help Bring Sanity to the World: FREE from the ShiftNetwork

Peace practices for you:  ‘What the Bleep is going on?’ Amid the acrimony and violence in our world, it can be difficult — some days almost impossible — to find a calm center in the storm. But the good news … Continue reading

Bring peace to your heart, your relationships & the world: FREE Summit by the Shift Network

When you hear the word “peace,” what comes to mind? Do you think of another era marked by flowers and peace signs? Or war-torn areas of the world that repeatedly make and break peace treaties with their neighbours? The good … Continue reading

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