HeartBrainfest - HeartBrain Fest 2019

HeartBrain Fest 2019

Syncing your brain & heart with the HeartBrain Fest 2019 Monday, October 14 - Monday, October 21When you look at how amazing our bodies are, you know it has to have capabilities beyond what we can imagine. That’s one of the reasons it behooves you to learn how to sync your heart and … Continue reading
BEIawake - BE; alpha meditation from iAWAKE

BE; alpha meditation from iAWAKE

Our friends at iAwake have produced a powerful new brainwave entrainment track called BE. It is a 63 minute and 47 second track (plus a 20 minute shortened bonus track) and entrains the brain to 9 Hz, or low alpha brain waves. This track can be used for meditation or as something to assist you … Continue reading