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Love or Above: from Mindvalley

“You can’t have it all” “There’s not enough time in the day” “There’s no point…” You’ve probably heard these phrases before. They all seem fairly harmless and, if anything, well-meaning. But what if these thoughts trickle into your subconscious and … Continue reading

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Do you find it difficult these days to open to positivity and new possibilities? The negativity in today’s world can consistently reinforce our doubts and fears… Yet, you incarnated in this time precisely because you can meet today’s challenges and rise to … Continue reading

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A Return to Love: a FREE video series by Marianne Williamson from HayHouse

Do you continually catch yourself reacting from a place of fear, scarcity or anxiety? In a world where so much is happening all the time, many of us are so stressed and confused that our thoughts and actions come from … Continue reading

How to Turn Divorce, Illness & Other Life Challenges Into Gateways to Boundless Love, by Miranda MacPherson: FREE from the Shift Network

Have you recently experienced a “fall from grace” in your life? Perhaps it’s been a descent into grief, fear or pain that accompanied a loss — the end of a relationship or job, an unexpected diagnosis, or some unexpected turn … Continue reading

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February is the month when we celebrate love… And while Valentine’s Day focuses on romantic love, I’d like to invite you to a powerful free event where you can discover something bigger than mere romance. Evolutionary Love is a “next … Continue reading

The 5 Essential Insights for Finding True Love with Ken Page: from The Shift Network

Our search for authentic love is one of the most precious missions of our lives. Unfortunately, most advice for finding that love is superficial and misleading, exhorting us to “fix” or improve ourselves if we ever want to find a soulmate. In truth, … Continue reading