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Dancing in Rumi’s Footsteps: a FREE event from the ShiftNetwork

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Using the Power of Your Consciousness for Healing: Discover the X-Factor in Creating Radiant Health: FREE from The Shift Network


The Science of Consciousness & Healing  and Your Key to a Long, Healthy Life

I want to share a little-known secret for improving your quality of life, achieving deep healing and radiant health… even living longer… and better!

It’s not a new superfood. It’s not a new yoga practice. And it’s certainly not a new pill!!

It’s your own consciousness.

Consciousness is the “x-factor” behind deep healing, radiant health and living a long, productive life — even as you advance into your 60s, 70s, 80s and beyond!

Yes, health and longevity originate in human consciousness and finds expression in body, mind, heart and soul.

If you’re curious about WHY this is so and, more importantly, want to discover consciousness tools you can use to shape your health and happiness, I’m thrilled to connect you with Dr. Marilyn Schlitz.

Dr. Schlitz has been at the forefront of fascinating and game-changing work in consciousness research, integrative medicine, longevity and healing. She brings more than 30 years experience and study with leading-edge scientists, healers and shamans.

On Wednesday, July 20, Marilyn will present a fascinating FREE online event: Using the Power of Your Consciousness for Healing: Discover the X-Factor in Creating Radiant Health.

You can register here

During this exciting event, you’ll

  • Receive a more complete picture of how healing really happens through consciousness
  • Discover the power of expectancy in creating pain and discomfort (and what you can do to shift it)
  • Recognize the importance of loving relationships in any healing process
  • Receive insights into the remarkable new findings that show you can consciously influence your genetics, as well as your endocrine and immune system

I invite you to join me for a mind-expanding hour on how to use the power of your consciousness for health and healing.  

True holistic health is so much more than managing your weight and cholesterol and hoping for the best… Dr. Schlitz will show you how you can work with your consciousness to achieve the quality of life you’ve longed for.

Register here: 

from  Paul at  ChangeThatMind

PS: During Using the Power of Your Consciousness for Healing: Discover the X-Factor in Creating Radiant Health, you’ll receive the latest scientific insights that demonstrate the power of your thoughts, emotions and relationships in shaping your health and happiness.

You’ll also be given simple practices to apply in your daily life.

If you can’t listen live, you’ll receive a downloadable replay of the event

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Commit to Being Rich!: Free from Natural Hypnosis

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