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21 Ways Nature Can Help You Heal

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Andean Shamanic Rituals

Andean medicine man Puma Fredy Quispe Singona shares how you can draw from the powerful starlight energies of the Pleiades — the Seven Sisters star cluster, 410 light-years from the earth — to awaken the Sacred Feminine consciousness within you … Continue reading

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‘Building a Healthy Terrain Summit’  2021

          The ‘Building a Healthy Terrain Summit’  2021 explores  the deep importance of spending regular time in nature and community. This unique event will provide you with all the information you need to follow the principles … Continue reading

Regenerate Yourself Masterclass 2021

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The Writings Of An Earth Lover

The Writings Of An Earth Lover In this incredibly moving short film, John Croft, co-founder of Dragon Dreaming shares a powerful piece of writing from his wife, Vivienne Elanta, a passionate environmental activist. In her final words, she shared a different perspective … Continue reading

Essential Home Remedies

Gabe Golden’s 15-page eGuide, ‘Essential Home Remedies for Your Most Common Ailments’, will  show you  how to make use of what’s already in your home without needing to purchase expensive over-the-counter products or treatments! Download your complimentary eGuide, Essential Home … Continue reading

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THE KEY TO Evolving Beyond Ego

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‘Compost & Soil Fertility’ Toolkit

Create living soil where your plants will thrive with the “Compost and Soil Fertility” Toolkit at The Grow Network.   Create living soil where your plants will thrive with the “Compost and Soil Fertility” Toolkit at The Grow Network. The … Continue reading

Plant-Powered & Thriving 2020

      In this brilliant Masterclass from John Robbins, you’ll discover 10 powerful plant-powered food breakthroughs that are easy to implement — & can help you enjoy your healthiest life (while relieving your stress & boosting happiness). Plant-based diets … Continue reading