Healing from Abuse: Price Discounted Album by Inner Talk

Abuse (Healing from Abuse) ~ Album Was $251.55 (U.S.) ,  now $ 149.00 Healing from Abuse — Abuse comes in many forms. Sometimes it’s physical and sometimes it’s verbal; sometimes it’s inflicted upon us and sometimes we inflict it upon … Continue reading

Dr Jo Vitale’s Law of Attraction Practitioner Certification 98% off Sale Extended !

Great news! Dr. Vitale just reached out and let me know that he’s extended his Law of Attraction Practitioner Certification Sale! That means you still have a chance to grab this best-selling certification… FOR 98% OFF! Three reasons you should … Continue reading

Complete Chakra Opening Collection: 50% off from Guided Mind (time limited)

Complete Chakra Opening Collection Guided Mind’s  complete collection of 7 chakra opening and balancing albums – experience balance and harmony between your body, mind, energy and spirit when you balance your chakras with help from this guided meditation Do you … Continue reading

The Smarter Way to Create Prosperity: Eldon Taylor, 65% price reduction!

Prosperity thinking does not mean just picturing yourself wealthy—asking for wealth, believing it will come to you, and then expecting the universe to simply deliver it. No, true Prosperity thinking is about maximizing all the amazing talents you were born … Continue reading