The Art of Anti-Aging Summit 2020

In this important and unique free online summit,  The Little-Known, Life-Changing Health Summit,  Brian Vaszily has gathered 21 of the world’s top longevity and anti-aging doctors and researchers from different areas of expertise. You hear a lot of the same health … Continue reading

Awakening from Alzheimers with Peggy Sarlin

On September 21, 2019 (World Alzheimer’s Day), gather your loved ones and join author Peggy Sarlin for Regain Your Brain ­­– the worldwide online event that will change the way you think about Alzheimer’s, dementia, and all forms of cognitive decline. … Continue reading

Take the Brain Symptom Score Quiz , FREE with Dr Masley

Ever wonder how healthy your brain is?    Do you ever worry about memory loss?… Do you misplace your keys more frequently? Do you often mix up names of acquaintances? Forget appointments you’ve made? Enter a room and immediately forget why? … Continue reading

The 30-Day Better Brain Challenge with Dr Masely

 Your guide to a healthy heart and sharper mind.. Are you tired, achy, forgetful… and maybe even frightened? You’re probably simply thinking: “the older I get, the more I’ll forget.” You may assume that getting older means losing memory, plus … Continue reading

Ageless Goddess Secrets: A FREE video series by Dr Christiane Northrup

Getting older can be a rich opportunity to enjoy pleasure, vibrant health and creative freedom beyond anything you’ve ever imagined. You can live a full and rewarding life when you know how to truly take care of yourself. In her … Continue reading

Shamanic Wisdom & Finding the Gold in Your Golden Years; Tom Pinkson: FREE from the ShiftNetwork

      If you’re committed to making your life from “middle age” onward the most spiritually meaningful time of your life, you won’t want to miss this FREE virtual event on April 8 with author and shamanic teacher Tom … Continue reading

Relaxing Into Aging with Ram Dass: FREE from the ShiftNetwork

So much of Western culture views our older years as a time of physical diminishment and waning contribution. Yet these years can actually be the most spiritually meaningful time of your life! There is no wiser guide for turning the … Continue reading

The Transforming Aging Summit: FREE from the ShiftNetwork

Discover a new paradigm for aging consciously… Are you passionate about THRIVING in your later years — making them your greater years? Are you committed to aging consciously and positively and creating a legacy for generations to come? In some … Continue reading

Learn the facts about eating fats!: A FREE workshop from HealthTalks Online

There’s still so much confusion and misinformation out there about fat, both the fat on our bodies and the fats we eat. You’ve been told that eating fat makes you fat–and increases your risk for heart disease and other chronic … Continue reading

Detoxify to prevent (and possibly overcome) chronic illnesses!: FREE from HealthTALKS

  Every day, more people become aware of the absolute necessity to detoxify in order to prevent and possibly overcome chronic illnesses. Yet, few have a comprehensive detox plan, or access to experts in the health industry who can help … Continue reading

Add these Alzheimer’s experts to your medicine cabinet!

Are you concerned about brain health? Or, of one day not recognizing your closest friend? The Alzheimer’s & Dementia Summit starts on July 25th, and tens of thousands will learn from the expert wisdom so important to preventing, slowing and … Continue reading

The Longevity and Anti-Aging Project, online and FREE from June 6-13, 2016

30+ step-by-step, anti-aging “secrets” to add years to your life and life to your years! The decisions you make now will determine future vitality for you and your family–our experts are here to help you make the right choices! Learn … Continue reading