Addictions and Habits
Beating Addictions
Remain A Non Smoker
Stop Nail Biting
Stop Smoking Now
Teeth Grinding
Gambling Addiction

Sensational Skin
Wart Removal
Breast Enhancement
Penis Enlargement
Hypnotic Botox

Ego Boost
Exam Success
Confident Public Speaking
Stammering Relief
Quick Confidence Booster
Say No
Pass Your Driving Test
Interview Confidence

Improve Your Creativity
Writer’s Block
Better Guitar Playing

Fears and Phobias
Squash Your Spider Phobia
Plane Phobia: Fear of Flying
Fear of Crowds
Dental Phobia
Fear of Birds
Fear of Dogs
Fear of What Others Think
Be Brave

Health and Well-Being
Effective IBS Treatment
Holistic Healing
Hay Fever Relief
Improve Your Hearing
Stop Unwanted Thoughts
Control Your Blood Pressure
Hangover Cure
Motion Sickness

Confidence With Women
Jealousy In Relationships
Get Over A Relationship
Fear of Relationships
Erectile Dysfunction
Appreciate Others
Flirting Confidence
Reignite The Passion
Attract Love

Super Relaxation
Swimming With Dolphins
Ease Stress From Others
Leave Your Troubles Behind
Slow Down

Improve Your Memory
Successful Thinking
Gain Optimism
Making Correct Decisions
Stop Worrying About Money
No More Procrastination
Be More Friendly
Sales Success
Sell Your House
Stop Feeling Guilty
Breaking Mental Barriers
Take Action

Super Sleep
No More Nightmares
Stop Snoring
Wake Up Early
Stop Sleepwalking

Sporting Success
Muscle Enhancement
Golf Improvement
Punching Power
Perfect Potting
Super Sprinting

Exercise Motivation
Sensible Eating
Eat More Slowly
Increase Your Appetite

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