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Free Samples Unexplainable.Com offers audio sessions which are designed to tune your mind to specific frequencies and brainwave ranges. You will feel the effects of the audio within the first 10 minutes of use. Monaural Beats- Advanced Audio Tones That Stimulate The Basilar Membrane To Reach Alpha, Theta, and Delta. Direct Frequencies- Audible Frequencies Above 30 Hz Allowing You To Reach Beta, Gamma, HyperGamma, and Above. Color Noise- The Color Of Noise Helps Mute Out Mind Chatter And Conscious Thoughts. Bilateral Effects- Amplify Results By Swooshing The Tones Between Each Ear To Focus The Power Of The Audio.


Empowered Mind Videos

empowermindvideos - Empowered Mind Videos

Discover how to manifest anything in the Universe!
Using the power of Subliminal Video to Program your Subconscious Mind. Grab your free video here!

Subliminal Suggestion

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Wouldn’t it be great if you could reprogram your mind in the same way that you reprogram a computer…Well, NOW YOU CAN!
At last an incredible new way to get the benefit from using subliminals
A subliminal method that has proven to be successful time and time again
An amazing combination of the 3D Mind Sync Hypnotic Technique® and the scientifically proven Reverse Speech Subliminal Process™
Make changes in your life quickly, effectively and permanently
These programs are effective with or without headphones, in any environment, even while watching TV, in the gym, or while you sleep
Don’t just think about being a better person any longer…just do it!

ChangeThatMind: dedicated to providing you with information and links to the best personal  development audio, video, products and training that can help your mind create a better reality for you. Welcome!
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   HYpnobusters - Hypnobusters

Make MASSIVE positive changes with my huge selection of therapeutic MP3s. Imagine finally being the person you really want to be. Getting rid of those tiresome old limiting habits and exchanging them for exciting new ones. You can with HypnoBusters… HypnoBusters is the creation of me, clinical hypnotherapist Jon Rhodes. As well as being a hypnotherapist, I am also a former professional musician. I have spent years combining my two passions to produce the ultimate therapeutic audio’s to help your life. Note: Change that Mind may receive a commission if you place an order after clicking a link in this blog post.


Natural Hypnosis. com

NaturalHypnosis - Natural  Hypnosis. com

Welcome to Natural Hypnosis, your number one source for natural, powerful hypnosis cds and mp3s. Hypnosis doesn’t have to be complicated, or mysterious. Hypnosis is a natural state of mind which everyone can experience and receive amazing, lasting benefits from. Our hypnosis isn’t shocking or dramatic – real hypnosis isn’t. It is a natural process really, and we cut away all of the hype and create simple yet powerful hypnosis audio downloads for your personal use. Within just a few minutes you can be making powerful changes within your mind -changes which will last and bring you success in all areas of your life, naturally!

Subliminal Therapy

SubliminalTherapy - Subliminal Therapy

Welcome to Subliminal Therapy: Subliminal Therapy is a psychological process in which the logical thinking functions of the mind are bypassed and subtlety altered to form a new, healthier mindset in the patient. For over seventeen years Subliminal Therapy has been the number one distributor of affordable subliminal audio CD’s, tapes, and MP3 downloads to over a quarter of a million satisfied customers. Thousands of hours of research and over fifteen years of testing have gone into producing and perfecting our state-of-the-art subliminal programs. Developed in collaboration with psychologists, counselors, sociologists, addiction specialists and music therapists. Subliminal Therapy is used professionally worldwide in hospitals, hospice, retirement communities, mental health facilities, rehab clinics, and is recommended by Doctors, Psychologists, and other mental health professionals.

Sprudio Subliminals

Sprudio - Sprudio  Subliminals

Sprudio – Powerful Positive Subliminal Messages – for Self Improvement. Save time with our most powerful life changing subliminal cds and subliminal MP3s. Different than ordinary audio sold on today’s market, you will receive fast and effective results. Our audio self help are not a magic pill for weight loss or to quit smoking. You also need to exercise your willpower and accept your desired changes at a deep level. There are many, many possible uses for subliminal audio recordings.

Subliminal Guru

subliminalguru2 - Subliminal  Guru

Redesign Your World
Discover 350 powerful subliminal MP3 downloads!
All hand-created by qualified professionals.
Guaranteed results – or your money back.
View MP3 Sessions
or See Our Bundle Packs

Brain Evolution System

brainevolutionsystem - Brain Evolution System

Uncover the PROFOUND Benefits of the Brain Evolution System! All You Need to Do Is Sit Back — And Slip On Your Headphones. Then Let this POWERFUL Brainwave System Work Its Magic! Want to learn MORE about how the Brain Evolution System can benefit you? Just take time to explore the following resources and discover more about this powerful technology:


Better Living with Hypnosis-Steve G Jones

steveGJoneslogo - Better Living with Hypnosis-Steve G Jones

Welcome to Dr. Steve G. Jones Ed.D. Better Living With Hypnosis website. Here you’ll find all hypnosis products by Dr. Steve G. Jones Ed.D., the world’s leading expert in hypnosis.
We currently offer over 4,000 hypnosis titles on our products page.
All products are digital downloads. After your purchase you will be able to download your product. No physical CDs will be shipped.

Wild Divine

ZJ768x90 - Wild Divine

Wild Divine delivers all the benefits of an Advanced Mind/Body practice, at the touch of a button 1. Install the Software 2. Connect the Iom 3. Receive Immediate, Personalized Feedback

Meditation Power

meditationpower banner 728 90 - Meditation Power

Meditation Power- activate the power of your brain! Real Altered states of consciousness!


isobeats - Isobeats

IsoBeats is an advanced auditory stimulation technology that allows us to introduce a precise harmonically layered blend of frequencies that changes the electrical field of the user’s brain. This allows the user to reach specific states of consciousness optimized for achieving the desired results.

Ultimate You Mindfest

UYMindfest facebook 2014 300x111 - Ultimate You Mindfest

Get your Free Pass today and receive your first free session!
During six amazing days in January you can make fast, effort-free changes in your life. When you register today, you can listen to 14 audio sessions online that are between 20 and 40 minutes—all commercial-free, with no obligation whatsoever, and absolutely free of charge.