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Register now for the My Healthy Home Summit 2024 and learn the risks to an unhealthy home and the tools that can help keep your home safe while protecting your health.

Our homes are becoming increasingly toxic and unhealthy.

Indoor environments can harbor toxins and health hazards that are often overlooked…

  • An abundance of allergens like dander (from humans and pets) compromise air quality and can lead to allergies and asthma.
  • Old mattresses, pillows, carpeting can become laden with dander from humans and pets and cause allergy complaints.
  • HVAC forced air duct systems need regular cleaning to remove all kinds of proteins that can get trapped in our homes – from animals to mold and even peanuts!
  • Increasing storms, higher humidity levels, new microclimates and water intrusion have created an increased amount of mold throughout our structures.
  • Proper lighting in our home is something we think a light bulb will correct, but did you know your body needs all spectrums of light to thrive? Varying color and amount of light affect circadian rhythm and mood, control bacteria and limit microbial growth.
  • Many homeowners are forced to deal with insect and pest issues, plus the dreaded weeds in the yard, but many pesticides and herbicides have neurologic and carcinogenic effects. (Have you heard about the lawsuits surrounding glyphosate and its health effects?)

Understanding these risks can help keep your home safe while protecting your health.

My Healthy Home SummitThrough the trifecta approach, the My Healthy Home Summit will educate you about:

  • The health consequences of an unhealthy home
  • How to identify & test your home for toxins
  • Best new technologies for diagnosing problems in the home & how to implement them
  • Better building science & remediation strategies
  • How to get professional help
  • And more!

Identify and address the hidden dangers in your home when you attend this complimentary, online event!

Be sure to mark your calendar for April 22-28, 2024!

Why attend this important home health event? Your host, Caroline Blazovsky, is recognized as one of the top home experts in the U.S. Her focus is working with physicians, homeowners, other building professionals and the public to improve wellness through home environments.

With more than 23 years of working with residential clients and 30,000 home investigations, she has the expertise to teach you the healthy way to accomplish your home projects. She is a house detective, finding hidden problems in a home, like mold, allergens, water contamination, carcinogens, and bad building practices.

And now she’s here to help you by sharing her wisdom and expertise.

Your home can be your key to wellness!

Register here now for the My Healthy Home Summit!

To your health and longevity!

Paul at

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P.S. When you register for the My Healthy Home Summit you’ll also unlock early-access interviews, complimentary guides and helpful eBooks about creating a healthy, happy home!

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