Other  Personal  Development Websites You  May Be Interested In

The following organizations promote social and emotional well-being through research, practice, or both. Via Greater Good

An Interview with John Cacioppo: The Science of Loneliness

The How of Happiness

The World Well-being Project

One hour’s meditation in 12 minutes

Subliminal360 – powerful subliminal software

Subliminal Guru – download subliminal MP3s

Brain Evolution System – meditation program

Brain Salon – MP3s that change how you feel

Nitrofocus – rocket focus & productivity levels

Sleep Salon – enjoy your best night’s sleep

Youares.com  -great free collection of meditational  and other music and sounds from Youtube and other sources

Green Med Info: Alternative Medicine, Vitamin Research.Natural Therapies

The Authentic Happiness Website: Pennsylvania University

American Mindfulness Research Association

 Mindfulness-integrated Cognitive Behavioural Therapy  Institute (Australia)