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Kenji Kumara - Quantum Lightweaving®


Kenji Kumara – Quantum Lightweaving® is sharing the joy of awakening with the world

Kenji KumaraKenji Kumara is recognized world-wide as a spiritual catalyst and is the creator of Quantum Lightweaving® and Asheville Sacred Hikes.

Through experience and a life long journey in search of spiritual wisdom, Kenji Kumara has a true gift in bringing forth ancient wisdom and life lessons with simplicity, humor, and a lightness-of-being.

His dedication to assisting others to enter the temple of their heart, connect with their true essence and shed that which no longer serves them brought him to develop his own modality, Quantum Lightweaving®.

What is Quantum Lightweaving®?

Kenji KumaraIt is a unique approach to finding your soul purpose, and deepening your psychological and spiritual awareness with ease and grace.

The result is comprehensive assimilation and application of ancient wisdom and joyful living.

Kenji integrated his studies of spiritual psychology, medical hypnotherapy, holistic education, trans-personal counseling and the transformational healing arts.

He created a system that produces quick and gentle on-going shifts in consciousness, mind, body and emotions.

His practice of Quantum Lightweaving® and Sedona Vortex Activations (TM) is one that anyone can learn.

He serves as a “channel-holder and initiator” of expanded grounded awareness and provides a vibrational space for one’s awakening, self-empowered healing and soul mastery.

Upon attending one of Kenji’s intensive retreats and online series, many have reported profound life changes and clarity with on-going benefits.

Some of the benefits reported were stress relief, reversal of physical conditions and reduction or elimination of worry, anxiety and self doubt.

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