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The iAWAKE Profound Meditation 3.0 program

Profound 3.0 Meditation Program

The Profound Meditation Program 3.0 Starter Kit gives you the tools you need to begin your own interior practice and become a conscious participant in evolving yourself and your amazing human brain.

Greatness, and excellence, and higher levels of development in all the various human lines and intelligences is something that is achieved by dedicated, ongoing, skillful practice. The Buddhist teacher, Lama Surya Das, said that practice doesn’t make perfect — perfect practice makes perfect.

In other words, it is not just putting in the time but putting the time in skillfully that leads us to excellence and extraordinary human capacity.

For those of you who have been thinking about it, but have not taken the plunge into the brain entrainment revolution, this is your opportunity.

When I was a child, they used to say, we don’t know why we have such a big brain — we use such a small part of it. Well, now we know. We need it! At this evolutionary crossroads, it is crunch time. Evolve or die. Develop or get left behind in an evolutionary cul-de-sac.

So, please choose in and become the elite version of your best self. Get started today and don’t be afraid to be a beginner; it’s the only way to get to be a master.  If you use these products skillfully on a daily basis, you will begin to feel and see the evolutionary changes in short order. Remember, your best and most brilliant self is the gift you owe the world. We can do that now: no excuses.

It is the best investment in yourself that you will ever make.

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What iAWAKE Users Are Saying About the PMP 3.0 Starter Kit

“I want people to have the experience of greater focus, greater productivity, greater recovery after workouts, greater restfulness at night, greater freedom in the middle of everything, and greater presence in life. This is why I am recommending the Profound Meditation Program Starter Kit.”

~ Shawn Phillips, Author of Strength For Life and creator of Focus Intensity Training

“While using PMP 3.0 Starter Kit I am experiencing profound (and literal) shifts. Outside of the actual meditation time…I am more relaxed, peaceful, centered, playful, creative, naturally mindful and self-reflective, etc. I am also noticing a lot more synchronicity and flow in my life in general.”

~ Scott Lillich


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