HigherDOSE Infrared PEMF Mat

Reduced Stress with the HigherDOSE Infrared PEMF Mat

HigherDOSE Infrared PEMF Mat

Experience a deeper sense of calm and enjoy the benefits of infrared heat without needing an intense sweat session, combining the power of infrared with the healing frequency of PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Field) technology. The HIGHERDOSE Infrared PEMF Mat recharges your cells while leaving you relaxed, regrounded, and rebalanced. (U.S. only)

The mats are built with 20lbs of healing crystals and have a thick layer of 100% natural purple amethyst crystals in mesh fabric tubes across the entire mat.

Whether you deal with chronic pain, workout frequently, or just need a moment to relax, lying on the HigherDOSE  mat for even a couple of minutes a day (or whenever you need it) will help ease your mind and body from the inside out.


  • Reduced stress
  • Increased energy
  • Immune support
  • Better sleep
  • Improved circulation
  • Improved muscle recovery
  • Meditate deeper
  • Warm up for exercise quicker


HigherDOSE Infrared PEMF MatPEMF produces a grounding frequency similar to what’s generated by planet earth. So you can feel the healing benefits of nature right in your own home.

FAR INFRARED HEAT deeply penetrates the body and temporarily improves healing, increase circulation, and quiets inflammation.


  • AMETHYST LAYER is a natural tranquilizer known to melt away stress/anxiety.
  • TOURMALINE LAYER increases mental alertness, temporarily improves circulation strengthens the immune system.
  • CHARCOAL LAYER binds to pollutants.
  • CLAY LAYER emits negative ions and is balancing for the heat.


CRYSTAL THERAPY The mats are built with a thick layer of 100% natural purple amethyst crystals in mesh fabric tubes across the entire mat. The amethyst and tourmaline layers provide an even deeper therapeutic DOSE of infrared.

The Infrared PEMF Mat combines two powerful healing technologies to create the ultimate recovery tool. PEMF grounds you in earth’s magnetic field for a full-body reset, while Infrared’s deeply penetrating heat doubles your DOSE. Hit the mat to ease chronic pain, recover from workouts, deepen your meditations, or experience total-body relaxation. No set-up or clean-up required.

How does it work?

Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) therapy emits electromagnetic waves that mimic natural frequencies found in nature, stimulating and encouraging your body’s natural recovery process. The benefits of PEMF alone are out-of-this-world (literally, astronauts used it to recover from a debilitating space mission), but even more powerful when paired with infrared’s deeply penetrating heat and twenty pounds of healing crystals layered inside the mat, which produce negative ions (think: antioxidants in the air) when heated.

(Note- because of voltage compatibility issues, this appliance can only be used in the United States)

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