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Entheogenesis: spiritual healing thru mind-altering substances

Entheogenesis Initiation - A FREE video event with Robin Flynn

Entheogenesis Initiation: Explore a Path of True Spiritual Healing With Divine Sacraments & Psychedelic Medicines

Until fairly recently in terms of human history, psychedelic plant medicines and divine ceremonial sacraments played an essential role in shaping our collective cultural visions — and establishing within the individual a clear sense of one’s own eternal, co-creative nature.

We’re only now rediscovering that instead of looking outside of ourselves for someone or something to rescue us, ceremonial sacraments and psychedelics unlock our inner wisdom and self-healing capacity.

This has created a call and movement back toward the wisdom of more ancient medicine lineages — a return to the importance of direct spiritual revelation, grounded in embodied understanding.

Plant medicine ceremonialist Robin Flynn will share with you the great promise of the master teacher plants for lasting, embodied healing on a personal & planetary level

Robin FlynnTo seek help, healing, and transformation from the pain, illness, suffering, and trauma that our Western allopathic paradigm has not been successful in addressing, many are turning to psychedelic medicines and entheogenic plants.

Those psychoactive substances induce alterations in perception, consciousness, or cognition for the purpose of engendering spiritual development.

Discover why working with them may be essential to deepening your greater wisdom, direct spiritual revelation, and experiential understanding of your higher purpose.

Robin Flynn is a sanctioned teacher of the ancient Andean lineage of Pachakuti Mesa Tradition.

You can register here for Entheogenesis Initiation: Explore a Path of True Spiritual Healing With Divine Sacraments & Psychedelic Medicines

In this hour-long free online event, you will:

  • Discover the ancient history of the human relationship with sacred plant medicines — how they open up shamanic worlds that can be navigated to cultivate true spiritual connection and healing;
  • Understand the current nature and practices of the psychedelic ceremonial world — a kind of “state of the union” of the Psychedelic Renaissance;
  • Explore how these plants/molecules are helping to radically improve lives — by healing the mind, body, heart, and spirit;
  • Learn the importance of establishing and maintaining optimal conditions necessary for true healing — recognizing why it’s so important to have sacred space (i.e., “set and setting”) and understanding the need for wisdom and discernment;
  • Experience a guided meditation that introduces you to an inner state that is the most “sacred space” — calling in resources and support from the spirit realm.

You’ll discover why these practices have been essential to human culture for millennia — connecting us with ourselves, those around us, the natural world, and the great mystery behind all that we access through our five senses.

You can RSVP for free here.

We hope you’re able to catch the event as scheduled. But if you register and miss it, you’ll receive a downloadable recording as soon as it’s available.

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