Day 2 of the Home Medicine Summit 2018-playing Live Today, FREE!

Watch the FREE Home Medicine Summit… that just went LIVE to the world at 9 a.m. CT yesterday  morning!! That’s right, it just started YESTERDAY! And this 100% online, 7-day event is going to be running 24/7, until Sunday, May 20th … … With … Continue reading

The 10 Day Plant-Based Challenge-FREE from Food Matters TV

Are you struggling to eat healthily? Lacking energy? Need some recipe inspiration in the kitchen to wow your family? I hear you! So many of us face these troubles daily which is why I’d like to share something incredible with … Continue reading

The YOGA Day Summit 2018 : FREE from the Shift Network

Are you ready to journey to the birthplace of yoga? Move beyond the poses and off the mat to experience yogis, swamis, swaminis, and world-renowned yoga teachers sharing their wisdom directly from the foothills of the Himalayas on the banks of … Continue reading

Use your brain waves to repair your body & transform your life with Dawson Church: FREE from the Shift Network

Would you like to discover how to harness the power of your thoughts to create greater health, happiness, fulfillment, and more? In Silicon Valley, it’s all the rage to talk about “biohacking.” However, what renowned teacher and bestselling author Dawson … Continue reading

The Candida Summit: FREE from HealthTalks Online

Candida is a naturally occurring, yet “opportunistic” fungus. With the right conditions, there’s no limit to where it will spread and, when rampant, it can cause intense sugar cravings, brain fog, bloating, depression, anxiety, digestive issues, low energy or worse… … Continue reading

The Alzheimer’s & Dementia Summit 2018: FREE from Healthtalks Online

Brain disorders, including memory loss, are fast becoming the single biggest health problem in the world, and the statistics are incredibly grim… In 2017, ~50 million people worldwide were believed to have some form of dementia. This. Number. Will. Double. … Continue reading

Energy Medicine toKeep You Healthy &Thriving: FREE with Donna Eden & David Feinstein from the ShiftNetwork

Do you wish you had more get-up-and-go for life? Is stress or illness dragging you down?  Energy medicine can help… This exciting new field combines the most effective Eastern healing disciplines with Western science to bring you simple practices that can … Continue reading

The 2018 Hay House World Summit: only one week left!

 Series 3 of the World Summit Starts Today Imagine your life,  free of the difficult health challenges that sometimes — or often — plague you. Would you climb mountains? Go skydiving? Play more with your kids or grandkids? Or just … Continue reading

Manifestation Masterkey-FREE 1 minute formula for making your dreams come true! :-)

Did you know that your own Subconscious Mind may be able to heal you from almost any disease you can possibly imagine?  Glenn Bolton who is a successful entrepreneur and who managed to escape serious health issues has just released … Continue reading

Awakening Your Kundalini Masterclass with Raja Choudbury: FREE from the ShiftNetwork

From ancient sages to modern-day seekers, many have experienced the rapid spiritual growth that can be sparked when you awaken the Kundalini energy that typically lies dormant at the base of your spine. When activated in the right way, there … Continue reading

The Love your Body Jumpstart with John Assaraf: FREE from Neurogym

Everyone thinks that willpower is the big secret behind reaching your health and weight loss goals. We tell ourselves stories like: “If I was only a little more disciplined… if I could only hold out a little longer… if only … Continue reading

The Home Medicine Summit 2018 : FREE from The Grow Network

  Registration is open and FREE tickets are now available for Marjory Wildcraft’s: Home Medicine Summit 2018 Marjory has gathered 42+ experts who promise to set you free of drugstores by showing you how to be NATURALLY healthy… for pennies on the dollar. … Continue reading

Bridging the Gap Between Where You Are, & The Life You Want to Live; with John Asharaff & Neurogym

Most people have an ideal image of who they would like to be one day. Confident, wealthy, successful, happy – we all want to get to that next level. But even though we have this vision of who we’d like … Continue reading

Free Registration now online for the HayHouse 2018 World Summit!

  The World’s Largest Health and Wellness Event is just under a week away. This year, HayHouse are  bringing you another opportunity to heal, create success and discover yourself with the world’s leading experts on Saturday, May 5th If you’ve … Continue reading

Two great new products from HeartMath for Health and WellBeing!

Navigating Rapid Change with Emotional Composure HeartMath tools help  you to stay balanced and hopeful. They’ve recently  made available their affordable three-part audio course “Navigating Rapid Change with Emotional Composure: How to Rise Above the Stress, Anxiety and Overwhelm by … Continue reading

The Food Revolution Summit 2018 (7th): Register for FREE

I want to tell you about an event that could change — possibly even save — your life. Every year,  John and Ocean Robbins, host what many consider to be the best free resource on the planet. If you want … Continue reading

Disover the Power of the Medicine Wheel with Lena & Jose Stevens: FREE from the ShiftNetwork

How would it feel to uncover a shamanic path to more peace, greater authenticity, deeper connection to all beings, and a fuller heart? This (and so many of the transformations you crave) are possible when you begin to embrace the … Continue reading

Enter the Sanctuary of the Wild Goddesses & Mystics of Mercy with Mirabai Starr: FREE from the ShiftNetwork

Do you sometimes try to “fix” yourself… when what you need MOST is love and acceptance around exactly who and where you are? The feminine approach to transforming personal (and collective) suffering is about embracing brokenness. World-renowned interspiritual teacher and author Mirabai Starr knows the … Continue reading