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The Brain Lady

Mindfulness Skills for Everyday Use. Debra Burdick, LCSW; Best Selling Author, speaker and trainer.Help for ADHD, depression anxiety, stress, pain , sleep  and healing, … Continue reading

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Healthy Happy Dog Summit

10/01/2015 The Healthy Happy Dog Summit will train  YOU  to provide the happiest  healthiest  life possible for your pup! Free online from  October 26th  to November 2nd 2015 … Continue reading

Aura Seeing Fest- free pass

You can learn to see Auras, the ever changing flow of life energy An aura is the energy field that surrounds living creatures. It can be seen as subtle colors radiating around a body. Everyone can learn to see auras, … Continue reading

Forget Weight Loss Forever

People deserve real solutions and sustainable results. This event will cover: Common mistakes that stop your body from burning unwanted fat Tools and biohacks to supercharge your fat-burning ability How to eat the right foods at the right times to … Continue reading