Strengthen Your Relationship with a Love & Relationships Program by Tony Robbins

Strengthen Your Relationship With a Love & Relationships Program by Tony Robbins Create a Long-lasting, Passionate Relationship Ultimate Relationship Program Lasting, passionate love isn’t something you find out of luck — it’s something you create.     Crazy Making to … Continue reading

The 2018 Four Phase Weight-Loss Challenge from Changing Habits

4 Phase Challenge commences  3 Feb 2018:  Prep month begins January 2018  Join us… We are in this together! Enter your details here  to find out how you can join the Challenge Cyndi O’Meara, nutritionist and founder of Changing Habits  … Continue reading

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To help you learn more about digestive health, Summer Bock, gut health expert, compiled a 50+ page guide with gut rebuilding recipes and tips from 45 wellness experts. But do you know which foods will do the most for your … Continue reading

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The Hay House Catalog has  over 200 products, available now through Dec. 31st. For a sneak peek of the 2017 Holiday Catalog, click here. Access the Hay House New Product Releases below Heart Thoughts Card Deck by Louise Hay Sacred … Continue reading

How to Become a Super-Learner: A FREE Masterclass from MindValley by Jim Kwik

  If you could pick just  ONE skill to learn that would have the greatest impact in your life… Which skill would you choose? Would you choose the skill of attracting abundance? Or maybe the skill of effective communication? Or … Continue reading

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There is a great event coming up: it’s an online health conference where the mission is to bring pertinent and valuable information to those who need it about digestion,  nutrition and consequent better health. Here are the details: Summer Bock, … Continue reading

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Ever wonder how healthy your brain is?    Do you ever worry about memory loss?… Do you misplace your keys more frequently? Do you often mix up names of acquaintances? Forget appointments you’ve made? Enter a room and immediately forget why? … Continue reading

The 30-Day Better Brain Challenge with Dr Masely

 Your guide to a healthy heart and sharper mind.. Are you tired, achy, forgetful… and maybe even frightened? You’re probably simply thinking: “the older I get, the more I’ll forget.” You may assume that getting older means losing memory, plus … Continue reading

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The Raikov Effect: Soviet experiments REVEAL secret to brain power

Have you heard of the Raikov Effect? Something mysterious happened back in the 1970s. A Russian neuropsychologist called Vladimir Raikov was experimenting with hypnosis on his Moscow students. He stumbled across a certain pattern that, when triggered, would turn unwitting … Continue reading

Are you ready to live your Uncompromised Life?- with Marissa Peer from Mindvalley

Let’s be honest: success isn’t easy. The reason MASSIVE success feels extremely challenging and, dare I say, somewhat impossible, is due to ONE reason. Our brains resist success. Why do our brains resist the very thing we want? It’s because … Continue reading

‘An Uncompromised Life’: A FREE masterclass with Marissa Peer from Mindvalley

What separates the top 1% super-achievers from the “rest of us”?   This is an excellent question that, like myself, I’m sure you’ve curiously wondered more than a few times… And furiously came up blank for any reasonable answer… What separates … Continue reading

Healing through Archetypal Astrology with Stan Grof & Rick Tarnas: FREE from The ShiftNetwork

Are you called to adventure beyond your ordinary mind to pioneer a new understanding of life — one more deeply connected to the cosmos? If so, you are very much an explorer of the frontiers of consciousness. According to Stanislav … Continue reading

The 3 Pillars of Emotional Intelligence: from The Emotional Intelligence Institute

How would you like to be in control of your emotions, emotionally resilient and ready for anything you experience? In this program we show you how to awaken your innate EI by looking – in depth – at the “3 … Continue reading