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Build a Sanctuary in the Country – Free Summit


Build a SanctuaryLearn how to Build a Sanctuary in the Country

Get your ideal homestead on fertile land with a sustainable, off-grid house and build (or join) a community that supports your values & ideals at the Exit and Build Land Summit III.

You can make it happen THIS YEAR or next, no matter your age, income, experience, skill, knowledge, or circumstances.

The Exit and Build Land Summit III is the ONLY event in the world gathering some of the top experts in the most important areas to help you build a sanctuary in the country


  • The biggest names in the permaculture industry giving exclusive presentations on growing bushels of your own food on any-sized property;
  • World-renowned experts in survivalism and off-grid living  (including alternative energy, water collection, food production, and more);
  • Veterans in the rural real estate industry revealing trade secrets for getting high-quality land at the best prices (even in this economy);
  • Seasoned community creators and builders showing you how to join one of the HUNDREDS of existing intentional communities or make your own;
  • Legal experts breaking down their insights and strategies for using your state, county, and town’s laws in your favor, structuring land deals with other community members, and setting up contracts to make communities work better together.

And so much more!

They’re going to reveal proven plans and strategies for ANYONE in any situation to acquire land, produce their own food, and build or join a safe, friendly intentional community. Register here!

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