The Healing Power of Shamanic Journeying: How to Access Inner Guidance from Helping Spirits: FREE from the ShiftNetwork

What if you could enter a parallel world to receive accurate guidance on the life situations you’re facing? Well, if you have the skills for accessing a higher form of consciousness… you can! Through a practice called shamanic journeying, you … Continue reading

The Next Evolutionary Step In YOUR Feminine Leadership: from the ShiftNetwork

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Release Stress and Anxiety Meditation: from HypTalk

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‘MindMapping Power’ and “DreamCatcher’ from FortuneWell

                       Our No. 1 Success System DREAMCATCHER   “This book has inspired me to be a better person, to think straight and find my objectives in life. It has changed my life. My business is booming, my career is on … Continue reading

Discovering the 9 Deeper Qualities of Your Heart: The Enneagram of the Virtues: from the ShiftNetwork

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How to Be a Magician, Medicine-carrier & Mystic: Wakening the 3 Fields of Shamanic Power: from the ShiftNetwork

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Real Emotional Freedom using Raphael Cushnir’s spiritual keys: from the ShiftNetwork

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Discover Plants for Protection and Healing -an E-seminar by David Crow from the Shift Network

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NLPPower with David Snyder

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Healing from Abuse: Price Discounted Album by Inner Talk

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New launch – Mind Sync 3D Stunning new technique in brainwave control Amazing Effects – Guaranteed Altered States of Consciousness Get immediate control over 100% of your brains activity using 3D Mind Sync Technology Get 3 downloads for the price … Continue reading

Sleep Deeply/Wake Refreshed: from Learning Srategies

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