THE KEY TO Evolving Beyond Ego

Craig Hamilton

Craig Hamilton

You’re invited to join Craig Hamilton for an in-depth journey;  stepping  into the spiritual life you’ve long known was waiting for you with  ‘The Key to Evolving Beyond Ego’.

Craig Hamilton is a pioneer in the emerging field of evolutionary spirituality, and in this 9-week course, he shares his dynamic process for activating one’s “evolutionary impulse.” Students will discover exactly how to turn any moment into one of awakening, empowering them to become conscious participants in fulfilling the highest promise of humanity’s potential.

Whether you’ve read about it in books or had a taste of enlightenment in your own direct experience, you have a knowing deep within that it’s possible for human life—your life—to express something truly extraordinary.

But, if you’ve been on the path for any length of time, you probably also know how challenging it is to truly live an enlightened life.

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