You Can Heal Your Life: Meditation

Hay House Meditation

Hay House Meditation

During the third series of the You Can Heal Your Life Summit, Meditation you can learn how to Experience Calm Everywhere You Go.

As you seek updates in the news, or scroll through your newsfeed on Facebook, you may feel uneasy. The world is changing so fast. So many of your friends are suffering or having breakthroughs.


Perhaps you’re reeling as you cope with an illness, changes in your business or workplace.


But through it all—you have the power to stay centered, no matter how you feel now.


And that’s exactly what Hay House will help you achieve right now until May 6th at 4:00 PM PT during the third series of the You Can Heal Your Life Summit, Meditation —Experience Calm Everywhere You Go.


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Today, you can watch 9 new lessons to help you Experience Calm Everywhere You Go from Matt Kahn, davidji, Esther Hicks, and more.


Until May 6th at 3:59 PM PT, you’ll learn…


  • How to snap out of fight-or-flight and generate a sense of calm, even during times of extreme stress, with Matt Kahn.
  • Three meditations to help you fulfill the four needs of your heart with davidji.
  • How to “put a motor on your boat” and speed up the process of manifesting your desires with Esther Hicks.
  • How to distinguish negative thoughts from positive ones, and redirect them so that you feel good, more often with Rajshree Patel.
  • A 5-minute Abundance Meditation to help you recognize and accept how deserving you are with Rebekah Borucki.
  • And much more…


All 9 lessons in this series are free to watch for 48 hours. They expire May 6th at 4 PM PT, when a new free series begins, featuring lessons from Alberto Villoldo, Ph.D., Dawson Church, Ph.D., and Nick Ortner—Using Energy Tools to Heal. 


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We could all use the boost these lessons offer!


When we can remain centered, we retain the power to face any and all changes in our life with clarity, optimism, and kindness—creating the best outcome for all.   


Start here.  & see you there!

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(note that  ChangeThatMind is an  affiliate of Hay  House)


P.S. You can still purchase a Hay House You Can Heal Your Life Summit Package and get four amazing bonuses—including Dr. Wayne W. Dyer’s course, Manifest Your Soul’s Purpose (a $499 VALUE)—FREE with your purchase!  Learn more here!

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