‘The Road to Dharma’-FREE enlightening video

Motorcycles, Indian Himalayas, Adventure, Sacred Sites, Wisdom, Freedom! Real People on a True pilgrimage. This is THE ROAD TO DHARMA DocuSeries and Online Course for Living a Life of Freedom, from the producer of HEAL, Adam Schomer.  I think you’ll love it!

The Road to  Dharma

The Road to Dharma


The Road to  Dharma

The Road to Dharma


DocuSeries & Online Course
Living a Life of Freedom

Now available as a Docu-Series and Online Course Combination for Living a Life of Freedom.  Register today and receive FREE ACCESS  to Episodes 1,2,3   Chapter 3, and Meditation 3

Have a watch of the trailer and get inspired to be taken on a DocuSeries journey of a lifetime. To places of power, sacred sites that dive into freedom… Now through the power of story combined with an online course, you have a unique and deep experience of FREEDOM.  Engage through real characters in a Reality/DocuSeries adventure that’s full of the real wisdom and teachings on inner Freedom. Then dive deeper in the companion course – so you EXPERIENCE Freedom.



'The Road to Dharma'-FREE enlightening video 3 'The Road to Dharma'-FREE enlightening video

'The Road to Dharma'-FREE enlightening video 4 'The Road to Dharma'-FREE enlightening video


The Road to  Dharma

The Road to Dharma

THE ROAD TO DHARMA is a truly innovative format of travelogue, self-discovery, and high stakes reality that is sure to turn on the Curiosity and Longing for FREEDOMin us all. Road to Dharma is a Ten Episodes DocuSeries motorcycle journey through the Himalayas and a Ten Chapter Online Course for Living a Life of Freedom. You get to adventure to four sacred Himalayan sites that reveal secrets of freedom. We hang on to the characters’ struggles, seeing real people go through monsoon rains, road killer motorcycle traffic and cliffs, and high-altitude hiking. We experience a life and death pilgrimage that is expertly guided by the wisdom of a Himalayan Master Yogi, Anand Mehrotra, born in the birthplace of yoga, Rishikesh India.

10 thrilling and stunning episodes
10 in depth Chapters on Freedom
10 audio meditation practices/kriyas to embody the freedom
10 deeper bonus dharma talks (over 5 hours) from Anand Mehrotra filmed while on the Road to Dharma pilgrimage.

It is your birthright to be Free!

The Road to  Dharma

The Road to Dharma


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