Make a Good Living Regenerating the Earth

Make a Good Living Regenerating the Earth Feb 12 2020

Make a Good Living Regenerating the Earth Feb 12 2020

Want to make a good living & regenerate the Earth?- then register for  this free online event from the Permaculture Skills Center: The Regenerative Economy Roundtable;  February 12th  2020..  Make a Good Living while Regenerating the Earth.

Join Erik Ohlsen as he talks with 3 inspiring leaders from three different areas of regenerative design, who have all carved out successful niche in this fulfilling space. 

During the Roundtable, you’ll hear from:

Erin Axelrod, from LIFT Economy

A problem-solver, systems-designer, entrepreneur, and community organizer, Erin’s consulting with LIFT Economy has led her to a specialization in accelerating the spread of climate-benefitting and land-based businesses in the Next Economy. 

Chanowk Yisrael, from Yisrael Family Urban Farm

A farmer, community activist, and co-founder of Yisrael Family Farm, Chanowk wants to break the cycle of poor health that usually plagues the Black community. The Yisrael Family Urban Farm is transforming the hood for good using urban agriculture as a tool to engage, employ, and empower communities.

Neal Spackman, from Regenerative Resources Co.

His experience with the Al Baydha Project in Saudi Arabia has shown that it is possible to turn a man-made deserts into a food-producing oasis. With his next project, Neal will push the boundaries on ocean restoration, desert rehabilitation, and habitat creation, leading the way to a regenerative economy at scale.

During this 90-minute talk, you’ll take away:

A clear understanding of what a regenerative business is and how it operates.

Creative ideas for different kinds of regenerative businesses.

Ways to implement regenerative design at a variety of scales—from small and local to global.

Examples of how to apply regenerative design principles to physical landscapes and social systems.

Inspiration and information on how to take the next steps to develop your own regenerative career!

Reasons why creating a regenerative economy is imperative at this moment in time on Earth.  

If you believe; as I do, that it IS imperative that we all focus our efforts on building a regenerative economy, at this moment in time, you don’t want to miss this! It should be a catalyzing conversation.

Register HERE now: 

To a regenerative future,

Paul at

(Note that ChangeThatMind is an affiliate of the Permaculture Skills Center)

P.S. If you want to attend but cannot make the Roundtable live, register anyway!  Because a replay link can  be sent out to you shortly after the event. 

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