12th Tapping World Summit

12th Tapping World Summit

12th Tapping World Summit


Re-wire your brain  for positive thinking with  Nick Ortner and EFT at  the 12th Tapping World Summit.

A lot of people really beat themselves up over “negative thinking.”

It is, of course, true that in order to create the life we want today, changing our thinking to be more positive is extremely important and effective for reaching our goals.


Did you know that negative thinking is actually hardwired into the brain, in one of the most ancient parts of it? And that it’s there for a very important reason?

If you want to find out what this reason is, and how you can overcome it, I recommend watching a video just put out by New York Times best-selling author Nick Ortner that shares more about this primitive part of the brain, why it’s not your fault if you think negatively (like I said, it happens for a reason), and what you can do about it.

He’ll show you how you can use a technique known as EFT Tapping to literally rewire the neuropathways of the brain to create the life you want. He’ll even take you through a simple yet powerful process with it that will have you instantly feeling better. You can check it out here:

Here’s the reality about negative thinking…

It’s hard-wired in our brain for a reason and not easy to overcome unless you have a technique or tool to overcome it. If you feel you get stuck in patterns of negative thinking, take a breath, and know that it’s not your fault.

But know that there IS something you can do about it. With this simple video, you’ll learn how to use EFT Tapping to get past this primitive part of the brain and remove the negative thinking, limiting beliefs and chronic negative emotions that stifle our ability to grow and create the life we want.


Paul  at ChangeThatMind.com

(Note that  ChangeThatMind is an  affiliate of The Tapping Solution)

P.S. – Nick is releasing this video as part of the lead up to his 12th Annual Tapping World Summit, starting on February 24th.  This event has been attended by over 2.5 million people over the last 11 years.  It is a truly life-transforming event that you don’t want to miss out on.

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