Unlimited Abundance with Christie Marie Sheldon

Unlock Your Abundance with Christie Marie Sheldon

Unlock Your Abundance with Christie Marie Sheldon

In her Mindvalley Masterclass, “Unlimited Abundance’, Christie Marie Sheldon not only reveals the truth behind ‘Abundance Blocks’, she’ll also guide you through her world-famous Energy Clearing session to remove your Abundance Blocks for good.

At the end of 2018, a survey reported that only 28% of Americans felt they were “financially healthy.”

Only 28%.

What about the other 72%?

That’s a concerning chunk of people who clearly feel like they’re constantly struggling to get ahead.

This made us stop and wonder — What’s really going on?

It’s certainly not the lack of knowledge about how to create abundance.


We have all the information we need to create the lives we truly want at a touch of a button thanks to the internet.

And chances are, you already have all the knowledge you need.

So, if the lack of knowledge isn’t the problem… What is?

According to world-renowned energy healer, Christie Marie Sheldon, the problem lies in our subconscious minds and our internal beliefs we have about money, wealth and abundance.

And this is the topic of Christie’s upcoming Mindvalley Masterclass this entire week.


Unlimited Abundance

Unlimited Abundance with Christie Marie Sheldon

Think about it…

What are some of the most common stories we’re fed by the news media?

Cut-backs….Recessions….Austerity measures…..

When you’re surrounded by that kind of negativity, it’s very hard not to internalize it… And your subconscious naturally reacts by telling you to focus your energy on keeping what you have now instead of on what you might achieve.

But here’s the truth

You ARE able to attract the life you desire – the paycheck, the house, the promotion – and getting it has nothing to do with your education, intelligence or luck…

The secret lies in clearing what Christie calls “Abundance Blocks” — subconscious mental blocks that directly stop you from creating the wealth you know you deserve.

… So you can elevate your abundance levels this 2019 and beyond.

This session is 100% free.

You can book your spot with Christie here >>

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