Learn Medical Qigong with Dr Roger Jahnke

Medical Qigong

Medical Qigong with Dr Roger Jahnke

On Wednesday, January 15, leading Qigong practitioner Dr. Roger Jahnke will show you how to deepen and advance your Medical Qigong practice to bring your capacity to self-heal into EVERY part of your life and wellbeing.Are you ready to accept how powerful you truly are?

Right this moment, you have the power to relieve your symptoms, transform dis-ease, heal your health challenges at their root cause, and so much more…

Whether you’re battling a health condition or are simply seeking extra energy in your life, NOW is the time to apply the most profound medicine of all — your own life-force energy.

You can register here for Discover the Deeper Dimensions of Medical Qigong: Advanced MindBody Practices to Unlock Self-Healing & Access the Power of Medicine Within

In this complimentary online event, you will:

  • Explore advanced, next-level activation of your “inner elixir” to create easy access to your inner healing resources — in the moment, anytime and anywhere
  • Discover why creating a holistic life plan is essential for making your mind-body practice an integral part of your routine
  • Learn how Time, Focus, and Intention are the keys that activate unexpected healing as you deepen into activating the mysterious medicine of your Eternal Self
  • Reframe your understanding of “hospital” — it actually comes from the word “hospitality” and it’s not a building… it’s the principle of being generous to yourself and a profound secret for maximizing your wellbeing
  • Receive a practice called “Bathing the Marrow in Qi,” using movement, intention, and breath to gather the resources of the 3 Treasures — and infuse Qi into the very marrow of your bones

From the occasional headache to a persistent feeling of exhaustion, all the way to Parkinson’s disease, cancer, multiple sclerosis, heart disease, diabetes, and more — health outcomes around the world are improving as seekers master the practice of Medical Qigong with the specific purpose of improving health and wellbeing.

You won’t want to miss this opportunity to discover how to create radiant health using Medical Qigong practices that help you tap into your body’s own healing energy!

You can RSVP for free here

Paul at  ChangeThatMind.com

(Note that  ChangeThatmind is an  affiliate of The Shift Network)

P.S. In this powerful hour, you’ll discover how to awaken and activate your own “inner elixir” and pave the way for unexpected inner healing — in the moment, anytime and anywhere.

We hope you’re able to catch the event as scheduled… however, if you register and miss it, you’ll receive a downloadable recording as soon as it’s available: Register for FREE here!

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