FREE eBooks & expert talks about CBD THIS week

cbd1 - FREE  eBooks & expert talks about CBD THIS week

Get the  MUST SEE expert talks about CBD this week you from Dr. Sarah Ballantyne, Ari Whitten, Jason Prall, Dr. Terry Wahls and Dr. Will Cole!  AND, when you access these talks, you also UNLOCK exclusive eBooks, like the Do-It-Yourself Bath & Body eBook from V Capaldi, Infused Smoothies: Medical Marijuana & CBD Oil from Mary Clifton, MD, and Let’s “Talk” About CBD eBook from HealthMeans.

Click here to check out these free expert talks and unlock the eBooks!

THE REASON: These free talks (and eBooks) will help you learn about the revolutionary healing properties ofCBD for chronic pain, insomnia, addiction, cancer, epilepsy, anxiety, PTSD, diabetes, skin issues, MS, Alzheimer’s and other conditions!

Expert talks not to miss (starting each day at 10am U.S. Eastern):

Thursday, January 16
Ari Whitten
Disruptive Sleep and Circadian Rhythm

Friday, January 17
Jason Prall
Endocannabinoid System and Epigenetics Effects

Saturday, January 18
Terry Wahls, MD
Power of the Mitochondria

Sunday, January 19
Will Cole, DC
Your Modern Medicine Cabinet

We’re collectively re-learning the many ways CBD can be applied to enhance health — even though the plant has been around for thousands of years — both as a preventative and a restorative solution, as well as how to apply it to cooking, feeling more energetic and enhancing your love life.

Click here to check out these free expert talks and unlock the eBooks!

Such incredible information, be sure to check in today and plan the rest of your week accordingly!

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P.S. This FREE access goes away when the event ends (that’s soon), so take advantage of them today!

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