The Fasting Lifestyle Summit 2020 E-books

Fasting Lifestyle Summit 2020

Fasting Lifestyle Summit 2020

Check out these free expert talks at the Fasting Lifestyle Summit 2020. AND, when you access these talks, you also UNLOCK exclusive eBooks, like Simple Easy Nutritious Recipes, 3 Action Guides from The Fasting Lifestyle Summit and Icons in Natural Health: 7 Full-Length Interview Transcripts from HealthMeans.
Those MUST SEE expert talks about fasting this week  that you should definitely check out are from Cherie Calbom, Marc David, Dr. David Jockers and Aliky Kouroupis!

Click here to check out these free expert talks and unlock the eBooks!

Although it’s a popular topic these days, the practice (and lifestyle) of fasting  has been around for centuries. Sam and Mitch Asser, your hosts, are here to help you learn the essentials of good nutrition: eating whole, non-processed foods, exercising regularly, staying on schedule and then… considering a fast as part of your routine.

Expert talks not to miss (starting each day at 10am U.S. Eastern):
Thursday, January 30
Cherie Calbom
Juice Fasting for Physical Healing

Friday, January 31
Marc David, MA
Psychology of Fasting

Saturday, February 1
David Jockers, DNM, DC, MS
Intermittent Fasting and Ketogenic Diet

Sunday, February 2
Aliky Kouroupis
How to Fit Fasting into Your Lifestyle

An effective fast includes a set of rules that “work” for you, as well as discipline amid your social events and relationships to make healthy choices — especially in regard to any specific health condition you’re trying to resolve or improve.

The goal is to turn you into a fat-burning machine and, meanwhile, help in a whole group of other health areas and conditions.

Click here to check out these free expert talks and unlock the eBooks!

Such incredible information; be sure to check in today and plan the rest of your week accordingly!

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P.S. This FREE access goes away when the event ends (that’s soon), so take advantage today, especially the featured talks above!

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