Feng Po Po: Become a wind alchemist

WindAlchemist - Feng Po Po: Become a wind alchemist

Feng Po Po- become a wind alchemist

Do you feel called to create a new map for your life that’s true to your essence?  If so, let the cardinal winds be your guide and learn Feng PoPo: How to become a wind alchemist.

Like helping spirits accessed by shamans, and the archetypal energies in nighttime dream images, the wind is an alchemical force you can align with whenever you need guidance.

For example, the four cardinal winds hold specific wisdom and transformative energies: the East tells of new beginnings, the West relates to your physical body, the South reveals your emotional needs and desires; and the North tells the tale of your spiritual Self.

On Tuesday, November 26, Nautilus Gold Award-winning author, soul coach, and wind whistler Renee Baribeau will show you how to summon what she calls the Wind of Your Specific Intention to make it your ally and harness its transformative energies during a FREE video event, How to Become a Wind Alchemist: Shamanic Practices to Dissipate Negative Thoughts & Align Your Life With Healing Wisdom.

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In this special hour, you’ll discover:

  • Wind Spirits to call on for regeneration, renewal, and creativity
  • Shamanic qualities of the wind that will guide you to your spiritual, magnetic north
  • How the cardinal winds of the sky help you bend time and create a map for your life that is true to your essence
  • A thought-clearing journey invoking the healing energies of Wind Goddess Feng Po Po — to dissipate unwanted thoughts
  • How to bend linear time to evoke your own natural rhythms and the healing energies of cyclical time

Renee will also share how to use your own “wind” — with the help of a wind whistle — as well as how to align with the archetypal potency of the Wind Gods and Goddesses…

… to clear negative thoughts, heal old beliefs, and tap into your true nature… your Magnetic North…the place where you can weather whatever comes your way, and stay the course as you create what you are here to bring to the world.

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P.S. In How to Become a Wind Alchemist: Shamanic Practices to Dissipate Negative Thoughts & Align Your Life With Healing Wisdomyou’ll discover how the winds blowing through your life can be a path that can help you heal your body and mind, restore balance when it’s lost, and guide your creativity.

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