Lifebook: Designing Your Ultimate Life with Jon & Missy Butcher

Jon & Missy Butcher

Jon & Missy Butcher

Doesn’t it make you cringe when you hear millionaire gurus say things like:”You  Can Have it All!”  But in Jon and Missy Butcher’s 90-Minute Lifebook Masterclass, You Will:

  • Discover the step-by-step Life Envisioning process used by many of the world’s top performers to design unparalleled lives of success, happiness, and balance — and why it has NOTHING to do with traditional goal-setting
  • Finally break free from the frustrating cycle of broken goal-setting – and instead create consistent and resistance-free success in the 12 key areas of your life
  • Experience a guided visualization session that instantly brings your unique Life Vision into crystal-clear clarity
  • Uncover the secret to a lasting and passionate love life, filled with limitless desire, thrilling sensuality, and a deeply fulfilling connection with your soulmate (this works even if you’ve been together for decades)
  • Command your body to defy aging and achieve an optimal level of fitness that empowers you to live to the fullest every single day – no matter how old or unhealthy you are now
  • Hear the astonishing rags-to-riches story of Jon and Missy Butcher: a simple farm girl and son of a starving artist who designed extraordinary lives and became two of the world’s top life envisioning experts
  • Receive an invitation to experience Jon & Missy’s premium $1,250 Lifebook Online program for FREE – and use it to design your ultimate life in 2019 and beyond
  • And so much more…

Jon  and Missy have an extraordinary and balanced life – across 12 areas of living – on their  own terms.

Jon is a maverick entrepreneur, but he’s far more than a business expert.

He’s in his 50s and has a body that would put most 20-somethings to shame, but he’s more than a wellness expert.

He’s got a fairytale romance with his wife Missy after decades of marriage, but – you guessed it – he’s more than a relationship expert.

Jon is a mentor of LIFE.

Because he’s achieved what some might say is impossible: 

He’s created extraordinary success in every area of his life. On his own terms. And without sacrifice or compromise.

The big question is this: HOW?

Jon credits his success to a simple 2-page document. 

And what’s written on that document is fascinating.

It’s what has kept him connected to what he really wants in life.

And has given him the clarity, momentum, and personal power to get it all.

How can a single document make such a big impact?

See for yourself here – and feel free to ‘steal’ it for your own personal growth!

And no, it’s not some fantastical bucket list – but when you see it, you’ll quickly realize you could easily do the same for yourself  🙂

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