The Need To GROW sustainable food FREE video

The Need to Grow-free video

The Need to Grow-free video

The Need To GROW is a deeply moving, award-winning documentary about how move into our future with sustainable food — the kind that gives you chills, opens your heart, and leaves you informed about some of the most critical issues of our times. The Need To GROW sustainable food FREE video gives us all  the essential understandings to help us live in  a sustainable world.

The focus of this film is on soil, food, and the future of our species – told through the lens of three extraordinary and very likable characters, and their journeys as solutionaries.

The “Need To GROW sustainable food FREE video is narrated by a top-notch celebrity (Rosario Dawson) and brings a non-divisive message about the stake we all have in humanity’s ability to sustainably grow food for future generations. It will appeal to people of all dietary orientations.

Question: According to UN officials, at current rates of depletion, how many years of farmable soil does the world have left before we are unable to grow food in most places?     Answer: 60 years.

The facts are grim. But it’s not all doom and gloom. If you’re ready for a serious dose of heartwarming hope and real solutions, check this out!

The Need To GROW is an award-winning new film narrated by Rosario Dawson that was just released. It profiles three very different solutionary heroes and their underdog struggles to save the world.

Like any good movie, it’s riveting. It might even make you cry (in a good way!).

And to celebrate its worldwide release, the Food Revolution Network are teaming up with Earth Conscious films to offer it to you for FREE (for 5 days only).

Check it out here!

This epic film focuses on how REGENERATING soils will:

  • Store more water in our environment to prevent drought and flood

  • Create high-powered nutrient density in ways that can restore human health

  • Protect our drinking water and oceans from harmful chemical contaminants

  • And reverse climate change by storing huge amounts of carbon in the soil!

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P.S. This is a story-driven film unlike any food documentary I’ve seen. Make sure to watch all the way through for a surprise ending – It will blow you away!
Click here to join in the global release and watch it now, for free.

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