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be FROM Iawake

Our friends at iAwake have produced a powerful new brainwave entrainment track called BE. It is a 63 minute and 47 second track (plus a 20 minute shortened bonus track) and entrains the brain to 9 Hz, or low alpha brain waves. This track can be used for meditation or as something to assist you when you are doing creative thinking, deep reading, writing, and other imaginative endeavors. It also helps us focus during workouts and exercise.

Alpha has been called the gateway between the conscious and the unconscious mind and is associated with flow states in which the monkey mind closes down and we are completely focused on the activity at hand and feel as if the universal energy and wisdom is using us as an instrument. Great stuff!

BE can help you:

  • ease into a flow state
  • become more creative
  • relax your nervous system
  • become more focused
  • connect to your intuition
  • connect to your playfulness and inner joy
  • help you change old habits
  • become more energized

Learn More and Listen to the Sample at  the bottom  of the page

And here is what listeners are saying about BE:

“BE surprised me with its very deep meditative experience. Alpha can do that?! Wow!” – Paul Ennemoser,

“This was a relaxing, refreshing spa for body and psyche. Soothing, effective and intensely pleasant.” – Paul

“I play this while writing. It induces a relaxed, calm, and alert state ideal for creating.” – Greg Hopkins

“BE put me in a can-do, empowered state. It’s up and motivating. Incredibly effective against that creep of inertia that I struggle with, where I just can’t push past the drag of resistance.” – Abigail

“This track definitely creates a space of calm awareness and flow, timelessness and focus.” – Gregory Skyles

“From the first moment I listened to BE, I felt a strong sense of calm and euphoria.” – E.Z.

BE is Available with an Introductory Offer of 20% Off Until September 26th, 2019 Only!

Check out BE here! 

Also, be sure to check out the new iAwake app that will facilitate and make the process of using these tracks on a daily basis much more enjoyable and efficient!

To  your inner stillness,

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( Note that  ChangeThatMind is an affiliate of iAWAKE)

Also know, you can now download the iAwake app (for free), which is an extraordinary help and great tool for organizing all your iAwake transformational tracks and making the whole collection much more user friendly.

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