The Women’s Wellness Summit 2019: FREE from HealthTalks Online

50 Ways To Womens Wellness

Record numbers of women are making their voices heard in Congress. There are almost 75 MILLION women in the U.S. workforce.

Women are educating themselves at historically high levels. They’re also earning more than ever.

And women are starting business and philanthropic empires that are changing the world.

It’s why the timing of this FREE, online event with celebrity speakers, 50 Ways to Women’s Wellness, is so perfect (register here).</a>

With speakers like Fran Drescher (former star of The Nanny who conquered cancer)… Sheri Salata (Oprah’s executive producer and president)… and so many others…

It’s THE most complete health and empowerment program for women, EVER.

The message is clear:


Women comprise almost 47% of the workforce.

Women control up to 80% of consumer spending.

Women even own MORE THAN HALF of ALL investable assets in the United States.

Women are the SOLUTION.

The combined voice of women is powerful, it can uplift our communities and the entire planet as a whole.

That means it’s our responsibility to stand up for women… and to help empower them to defeat chronic disease… rebalance their hormones… remove toxins… move up at work or launch new businesses…

And it starts with this historic online event, 50 Ways to Women’s Wellness (register free right here).

Claim your spot, and please share this with other women.

It will change their lives.

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(Note that  ChangeThatMind is an  affiliate of HealthTalks Online)

P.S. There’s never been an event like 50 Ways to Women’s Wellness…

So many illustrious experts. Every single topic near and dear to women’s hearts. All in one place.

Best of all: this life-changing program is FREE for any woman who wants cutting-edge information and support in any area of her life.

Go here to get a front row seat for 50 Ways to Women’s Wellness now.

P.P.S. Men should join, too. It will make any man a better husband, father, friend and son — and a source of strength for all the women in his life.

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