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Believing in yourself matters!
Good HousekeeperI am a Good Housekeeper

It doesn’t matter if it’s your home, your office, or just your room, when your personal space is clean, neat, and organized, life just flows better. But keeping your space clean is a lot more than just having a periodic spring clean, only to have the mess return gradually and relentlessly. Good housekeeping is all about creating those little habits that stop problem areas from even starting. When done correctly, good housekeeping does not take time and effort. With the right mind set, a couple of minutes here and a few moments there can soon have your space looking the best it ever has. And when your personal space is clean and neat, your productivity increases, and your relaxation becomes truly restful.

Switch a couple of gears in your mind and unleash the good housekeeper within you!
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Overcoming Narcissistic ControlOvercoming Narcissistic Control

Narcissists believe they are the most important and that the world should revolve around them and their needs. When you spend any time with a narcissist, it is only too easy to start to believe this too—and if they are the center of the universe, then of course your needs are secondary. Narcissists do all of the taking in a relationship and can totally undermine your core values.

You are an important person in your own right, with needs and desires of your own. Learn to believe in yourself again, to respect your own needs and values, and to regain control over your own life and the choices that you make. You are an important person in your own right, with needs and desires of your own. End the need to please the narcissist and take back your own life.
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Joy of Healthy LivingThe Joy of Healthy Living

We all know the benefits of following a healthy lifestyle, so why then do many of us find it so challenging? Quite simply, it can be the temptations of the unhealthy lifestyle. Some (many) unhealthy foods are just delicious, no one wants to be a party-pooper, and drinking is considered to be the sociable thing to do. There is also the idea that healthy living is boring, and this includes going to bed early, eating more fruits and vegetables, and restricting alcoholic beverages. But how much truth is there to all of this?

When you follow a healthy lifestyle, your body will thank you and work with you rather than against you, and many aches and pains will disappear. A good night’s sleep will help you awaken refreshed and enthused for the day and increase your productivity. When you increase your productivity, your sense of pride and achievement will increase, bringing with it a whole new value to your life.

Change the thinking that causes you to sabotage your health for activities that only cause a downward spiral. The many joys of healthy living are in your reach.
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Speaking from the HeartGentle Communications: Speaking from the Heart

Have you ever listened to the way in which you communicate with others? Are you aware that your communications are often harsher than you intended? Have you ever stopped to think about the consequences of this? The fact is, harsh communications have become the norm and we see this in families, across the political arena, and in our children.

Hard communications can demoralize the listener, suck away their self-esteem, cause them to give up on their own beliefs and dreams, and build up anger and resentment. This is no way to treat your loved ones, friends, colleagues, or any of the myriad of other people you interact with.

True self responsibility of course begins with you. Being a force for good in the world begins with the way in which you communicate. Gentle communications spread and air of love and peace. The more you work on making all of your communications gentle and loving, the more the positive effects ripple out across the world. Be the change you wish to see in the world.
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Eliminate the Fear of FailureEliminating the Fear of Failure

One of the biggest blocks to achieving success is the fear of failure. When someone is afraid of failing, they can expend a lot of time, energy, and focus on being afraid of what will happen if they fail. Does failure mean the end of opportunities? Does it mean losing someone’s respect, or maybe losing respect for yourself? What would happen if you turned this thinking around—if you put all your energy into succeeding, and could look at the possibility of failure as a way to learn how to succeed the next time?

Don’t let the fear of failure hold you back and prevent you from even trying, or maybe even starting in the first place. The most successful people have a trail of failures behind them. They did not allow the fear of failure to hold them back. They held on to their dreams, held the vision of success, and moved forwards. Are you ready to move forwards yourself?
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Overcome Toilet AnxietyOvercoming Toilet Anxiety

Toilet anxiety is a lot more common than most people think, and it is particularly hard when it comes to using public restrooms. For some, it is the fear of embarrassing noises and smells. For others it is a fear of germs and other people’s ‘dirt.’ And there are others who are just more comfortable when they can ‘go’ at home.

There are many social ramifications to toilet anxiety. Some people avoid social events in case they need to go, while others refuse to use the restroom and allow their personal discomfort to increase. As the discomfort increases, their ability to interact with others decreases. In more extreme situations, the discomfort of ‘needing to go’ can cause a person to become short tempered and curt in their interactions.

If toilet anxiety inhibits or prevents you from using the bathroom when you need to, then you should get this program. Learn how to feel comfortable getting your bathroom duties out of the way so you can go on and enjoy your life.
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No more ComplainingNo More Complaining: Focusing on the Positives in Life

What do you get out of complaining? Does it make you feel better or worse? Are you more positive and optimistic when you complain or less likely to feel satisfied and happy with life?

The research is clear, a positive optimistic outlook shared with feelings of gratitude will lengthen your life expectancy and enhance your quality of life. Indeed, excessive complaining has been linked to higher levels of stress and stress can be a killer. Not only that, but complainers tend to find fewer and fewer people who want to be around them. The fact is, complaining robs your life of the joy you deserve.

Train you mind to focus on the positive and let loose the joy in your life!
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Saying No with GraceSetting Healthy Boundaries: Saying No with Grace

Are you one of those people who find it hard to say no? Do you find yourself agreeing to things such as plans that don’t sound like fun to you or would deprive you of something you would rather do? How about lending things to others when you need them yourself, or when you know the recipient will not take of the item? Do you know how to speak up when someone enters into your physical space when you do not want us, such as with hugs or other physical contact?

Many people have been raised to think it is important to always be agreeable with others. As such, there are those who simply take advantage of them and their good natures. The fact is, it is possible to say ‘no’ nicely—respecting yourself while remaining respectful.

Healthy boundaries put you back in control of your own life. Why wait—learn this vital skill now.
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Special Offer
With all of these new titles that are important to so many people, Inner Talk  wanted to make it easier for you to get all the titles of interest to you. However, Inner Talk could not find a simple way to create a special offer for just these titles and the  Buy 3 Get 1 Free special is  therefore available across their entire line. This is a limited time special though, so get your titles now.
Paul  at  ChangeThatMind.com

(Note that  ChangeThatMind is an affiliate of Eldon Taylor’s Inner Talk)

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Due to licensing agreements, this offer is not valid in 
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