Generation Mindful: Teaching Kids about Emotions Playfully!


Teach  kids about emotions playfully!

Children aren’t born knowing how to regulate their emotions any more than they are born knowing how to tie their shoes.

Regulation is a skill, so let’s teach it!

Why is play so important?

Research tells us that play is the superhighway to learning. Many of us as adults struggle to connect with our playful sides, but once we do it unlocks tons of potential for connecting with our children. Learn more.

Why is emotional intelligence important?

Research shows that emotional intelligence is the strongest predictor of a child’s future happiness and success. Children aren’t born knowing how to regulate their emotions, any more than they’re born knowing how to tie their shoes. People of all ages benefit from having social and emotional skills nurtured in daily, playful ways, reinforcing the science of mindfulness, attachment, and play.

Will Generation Mindful products improve my child’s behavior?

Strengthening children’s social-emotional skills improves their focus, self-control, self-expression, empathy, resilience, listening, cooperation and more. By affirming empowering belief systems, and strengthening life-skills in predictable and playful ways, our products nurture the four components of emotional intelligence, addressing the emotions that exist underneath the behavior. 

For more on the outcomes of using our products, please refer to the product reviews our community has shared online. The results are transformation. For example, one family went from daily tantrums to just one in an entire month by simply adding PeaceMakers to their morning ritual.

To your children’s wellbeing!

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