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Winter is coming (not just for GoT fans) and with it tends to come the temptation to eat the wrong kind of foods. Most people accept that we naturally put on weight over winter, however, historically, this was never the case.
Our ancestors naturally entered ketosis in the winter months and you will too with the Changing Habits 4 Phase Protocol!
Make the most of your evolutionary instincts over winter and achieve that summer body.
The next 4 Phase Challenge officially commences 1st June, with prep month running the whole of May… find out more here!

Why 4 Phase Protocol over a Keto diet?
Keto diets have certainly become a popular trend for losing weight. While they can be effective if done correctly, sadly when a trend emerges so does poor recommendations (like ketone supplements).

The 4 Phase Protocol is based on getting into the state of the winter of early man. In other words, eating less food and no fat. This then tells the body to use fat stores in order to survive. The 4 Phase Protocol is not a complete fast; rather, you eat minimal foods, forcing the body to start using the fat stores from what you had previously eaten to make ketones. These ketones create energy so that you don’t get hungry. During the protocol you use up stored fat. Your body will naturally go into ketosis.

In summary, ketosis can be achieved in many ways, but Changing Habits like to do it cyclically, mimicking our ancestors and using real foods (not ketone supplements).

About the Challenge
Phase one – (2 days) You can have fun loading on healthy fats, which will help you transition to Phase two.
Phase two – (13-43 days) Here your diet is stripped back and you eat modest portions of lean meats, select fruits and vegetables. Members will stay on Phase two for different lengths of time, depending on the amount of weight they need to lose. Don’t worry, there is a delicious recipe library for meal ideas!
Phase three – (3 days) where you transition to Phase four.
Phase four – (minimum 21 days) Reintroduction of food phase. This is one of the most important phases and where you learn all about foods that help maintain your new weight and also what foods are good for your health and ones that aren’t.

Why 4 Phase works!
You become part of an awesome online community
The 4 Phase private Facebook group will play a big part in your success. There, you can connect with others and be supported by the 4 Phase coaches, with membership for life!
You have access to protocol coaches
The 4 Phase coaches are on hand for questions and support either via the Facebook group or email.
You can easily track your success
Your goals are something that help you define what you want to achieve. Easily record your results and your meal diary with the 4 Phase online program
To find out more and see some examples of the fantastic results that thousands of others have achieved with the protocol, click here!

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