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You deserve to know the truth…

Cancer. Heart disease. Auto-immune illness. Autism. Leaky gut syndrome…

They all can be tied to a sickening ingredient that made it onto hundreds of millions of America’s dinner plates this week…

As a result, this entire generation’s life expectancy may be shorter than our parents’.

This is what I’m talking about.

We are witnessing an epidemic of inflammation-based disease brought on by this widespread infection, and the results will have generational ramifications.

Mega corporations have been successfully COVERING UP THE FACTS for too long…

But this shocking docu-series shines the light on how this is affecting your health and the environment.

You will be shocked at how widespread these products have become, and how much damage they are causing.

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Get the facts you need to protect your health and that of generations to come, delivered by leading experts in the field.

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