The Genius Formula: Robin Sharma @ MindValley

WhaThe Genius Formula with  Robin Sharmat does it take to kick-start your legendary life?

Even though we’re in an Idea Economy, where the ability to turn an idea into a new product or service is ridiculously easy – far few people actually act upon their ideas.

There are a few reasons for that.

  1. The world is cluttered with BRILLIANT ideas, and few people think THEIR idea is a great one.
  2. Even if they think their idea is a great one, they don’t believe they can execute it as greatly as say, Elon Musk or Sara Blakely.

There is a cure for both.

It starts with a simple shift – a morning mindset shift, I might add – that can put you in the skin of world-class action takers. you can, with  this masterclass that trains you to experience this shift ….

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This is an amazing masterclass by Robin Sharma who’s coached famous billionaires, top NBA stars, music royalty and some of the ‎most successful entrepreneurs on the planet and founder of the The Titan Summit.

.What Robin Sharma did was… He extracted the single greatest trait that all the high performers share – the ability to remain inspired enough to see a great idea executed.

And in this masterclass he will share FOUR practices that will help YOU develop that trait.

A trait that helps you keep going even when it’s tough.

It will make you failure-proof.

You will stay focused, brilliant and productive.

You will own the industry.

You will rock your craft.

You will do it.

And finally see the changes happen – the ones you’ve been longing for, for YEARS.

That’s why I wanted to invite you to this FREE content-rich masterclass at Mindvalley Academy with the one and only Robin Sharma. Looking at the details on the registration page, it looks like something you’ll really LOVE.

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