Tantric Touch; the Art of Sacred Sexuality: by Psalm Isadora @ Mindvalley

Tantra-The Art of Sacred Sexuality

One of the most profound ways in which anyone can discover the power of your sexual energy is through multiple orgasms.

It puts you in an “abundance” mindset about sexual experiences.

It’s like suddenly discovering a gold mine in your backyard that never runs out of gold.

Multiple orgasms, especially for men, can be life-changing.

Unfortunately, the biggest barrier to multiple orgasms is the modern cultural programming about sex.

One easy way to bypass this barrier is by embracing the sexual practices of the ancient civilizations, mainly tantric practices.

Its simplicity may be a turn-off for you at first, but if you keep at it long enough…

… you’ll discover an entirely new world of sensuality.

That’s why I’m excited to send you an invitation to a brand-new Masterclass on Tantra: The Art Of Sacred Sexuality at Mindvalley Academy.


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You’ll learn from the internationally renowned Sex Expert and Relationship Guru, Psalm Isadora, who starred in Playboy TV’s reality show Cougar Club and founded the global sex coaching program Urban Kama Sutra.

In this Masterclass, you will:

==> Discover how to connect with your sexual shakti (even if you’re a man) and experience more energy, more intimacy and more fearlessness in your life through simple practices of the ancient sages.

==> Understand how the mind-body-spirit aspect of Tantra can transform not only your sexual life but also every other part of your life — your career, your finances, your friendships and more.

==> Break the pleasure barriers in your mind through the concept of sacred sexuality and other concepts that not only unleash more passion and more drive in your life but also slows down aging.

==> Experience The Tantric Heart Exercise — a simple two-part exercise to release your heart from your mind’s vicious grip and turn your dominant thoughts from fear-based to intimacy-based.

==> Experience The Transformational Sound Breath Exercise — a powerful ecstasy-inducing exercise designed to liberate you from your intimacy blocks and activate your sexual “right brain.”

==> Experience The Bliss Breath Exercise and Featherweight Touch Massage — a magnificent combination Tantra Sex technique that can crush a variety of sexual blocks including trust issues, fear of abandonment, fear of rejection, insecurity, traumas and other harmful patterns from childhood.

And so much more.

Full details here…

This class may not turn you into a master practitioner of 4-hour-long marathon love-making.

But… if you’re having good sex, it might turn it into mind-blowing.

Or if you’re tired of faking orgasms, it will give you an experience of a real climax.

Heck, it can even unleash your full potential in life.

So watch Psalm Isadora in this Masterclass for an experience of a lifetime.

It could quite literally be the best thing that has ever happened to you.

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Paul  at  ChangeThatMind.com

( Note that ChangeThatMind is an affiliate of MindValley)



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