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Take this 60-second test to find out if your breathing patterns are impacting on  your health,  fitness,  performance and energy levels..

This simple breathing test which originated from buteyko breathing and is now being taught to patients all around the world to cure a variety of breathing conditions.

And now, the core of this 1950’s discovery by Konstantin Buteyko is also being taught to pro athletes to give them an O2 advantage over competition

Intriguing isn’t it?

Ok… on to the test.


All you got to do is set your stopwatch for 60 secs and count the number of breaths you take.

DON’T READ ANYMORE of this email until you do the test. (I see you! Don’t look past this line)


Dr Buteyko found, through his years of Russian backed research that injured people’s breathing ventilation rates was much higher than the “normal breathing”

Your target is between 3-7 breaths per minute.

Ok… don’t freak out if your breathing number is high.

Buteyko’s work cured many illness by simple retraining the patient into a normal consistent breathing rate.

90% of the population say they don’t have a problem with their breathing, however the studies report otherwise.

If you can lower your minute ventilation rate you will catapult your recovery rate… opening you up to a consistent 300% – 500% performance boost in your skill, sport or profession.

Read more on how this breathing technique can help your recovery while boosting your performance….


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