Alzheimer’s & dementia may have a simple answer: FREE e-book from Autoimmune Secrets

Toxic autoimmune triggers are hidden and often glorified as miracle ingredients in our favorite products, while they silently wreak their havoc.

In a recent study proved that the average American adult is saturated with 400 toxic chemicals! That’s a low estimate, by the way, since only 543 chemicals were tested out of more than 80,000 that are used in consumer products.

Dr. Patrick Kingsley, the UK’s leading expert on Multiple Sclerosis (MS), reports that of the nearly 4,000 patients he has seen, only five didn’t suffer from mercury poisoning…

Even babies born today enter the world with an average of 287 chemicals in their umbilical cord blood.

Our bodies are actually designed to detoxify themselves. But, when the toxic load becomes an overbearing burden to the body, accumulated toxins can cause a snowball of health problems including leaky gut, DNA damage, inflammation, autoimmune reactivity and finally, full blown autoimmune disease.

The reality is, you NEED to remove toxicity from you life, your diet, your surroundings…

The reason this is relevant to you is, because, its believed that these toxins are in part, driving the autoimmune epidemic “autogens” — foreign compounds that create an “auto” reaction, a reaction against the self.

The fact is, these toxins may be the most important triggers of autoimmune diseases.

Investigative journalist and health advocate, Jonathan Otto, has created a special ebook report that outlines exactly how you can avoid and overcome these toxic triggers, and thus reverse autoimmune diseases, like MS, thyroid disease, lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, lyme, Alzheimer’s and dementia.

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Better still, when you download the ebook, you’ll also get access to the world-leading 7-part series, called Autoimmune Secrets, featuring many of the world’s most renowned and cutting-edge doctors, scientists and researchers. You’ll meet the survivors too… living proof. And the best part is it’s all totally FREE, at no cost to you.

P.S. Eliminating these toxic exposures isn’t difficult, but the majority of people just have no idea what all the triggers actually are, and how to get rid of them, and replace them with safe and healthy alternatives.

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