Day 2 of the Home Medicine Summit 2018-playing Live Today, FREE!

Watch the FREE Home Medicine Summit… that just went LIVE to the world at 9 a.m. CT yesterday  morning!!

That’s right, it just started YESTERDAY!

And this 100% online, 7-day event is going to be running 24/7, until Sunday, May 20th …

… With an incredible lineup of 42+ world-renowned speakers on topics related to:

  • The Big Organic Rip Off: why it’s not as healthy as you think!
  • Making your own probiotics–CHEAP + EASY!
  • 100% NATURAL remedies for stress, anxiety, and depression. (Safe alternatives to prescription medications.)
  • How to save $1000s in funeral costs.
  • How to make your own miraculous CBD “hemp oil” … and use it as medicine, without getting high!
  • Foods that are BETTER than anti-inflammatory drugs!
  • Is Turmeric actually DANGEROUS to consume? What nobody is telling you…
  • Why perimeter shopping at the grocery store isn’t a good strategy any more.
  • The power of saying “no” … and how to do it!

… And that’s just the beginning!

You’ll hear from best-selling authors and thought-leaders, like:

Mike Adams, Ronnie Cummins, Sally Fallon, Sayer Ji, Nick Polizzi, Melinda Meyer, Joel Salatin, Eric Zielinski, Howard Garrett, Justin Rhodes, Paul Wheaton…

… Just to name a few!

So that’s why I’d like to confirm:

You signed up to watch for FREE?  Right?

If not, you can still get in here:

Register Now!

If you hurry, you’ll still have access to Monday’s speaker presentations.

(They take down the DAILY presentations at 8:59 a.m. CST every day, and replace them with NEW ones! 

So be sure to check out the daily speaker schedule, so you don’t miss your favorites!)

Hope you can make it!

I wouldn’t miss it…

Paul  at ChangeThatMind .com

(note that ChangeThatMind is an affiliate of The Grow Network)

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